Right, let’s see how (and where) this goes…

Okay, I’ve got no real topic in mind, I’m just going to keep writing until I get bored.

Today I beat my 12 year old brother in a game of Equate (basically Scrabble with numbers). You may think I’d have an advantage there, but my most complicated equation was probably 7 + 4 quarters = 8. Seriously. I just took one look at most of the fraction tiles and traded them for whole numbers ASAP. I also tagged ‘+ zero’ on the end of one of his longer equations for big points, and stooped as low as to play ‘4 = 4’ to get rid of my final tile. The more I look back on it, the more I think I didn’t deserve the win… He beat me at Da Vinci’s Challenge though. That’s my game too. It hurt.

I watched four episodes of the epic anime that is One Piece earlier. And one episode of Baka to Test to Shokanju (new out this season) afterwards. The difference in pacing was so great, I was convinced that more happened in that single ep of Baka-Test. I was going to make some sort of big post about it. Then, I thought a little harder. In One Piece, I saw some great (if slow) fights in which two mid-bosses and one main boss character were beaten, as well as some flashback character development. In Baka-Test, I saw one hungry guy’s attempts to scrounge food off his friends. Moral is, that pacing can be deceptive.

Still ended up making the big post though…

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