Two days of anime!

I knew I’d have the house to myself all day Friday; what I didn’t know was that the same thing would happen on Saturday as well! So the last two days have been dedicated to anime even more than an average day, when I have to compete with my brother’s loud music and help my technologically challenged family do pretty much anything computer related.

The thing I watched that sticks in my mind most was episode 6 of Baka Test, which was pure Hideyoshi fanservice. This character has almost taken over from Jun as my favorite trap. Almost, but not quite. The series is pretty formulaic, and I fear it could get repetitive if they don’t get back to the plot or at least throw in some new gags, but for now it holds the rank of AJ’s 2nd favorite series of the season (first being Durarara!!).

The thing I watched most of was One Piece. Roughly 6-7 episodes over the two days, spanning the end of the Arlong arc to the beginning of the Logue Town arc if I’m not mistaken. An epic climax to a long fight, followed by two slow episodes where nothing happened, and ending in the return of one of my favorite villains (out of the small handful I’ve seen to date). So pretty good overall!

The thing I watched and thought ‘why am I watching this?’ was Dance in the Vampire Bund. Not my favorite ongoing series at the moment, but I keep watching in hopes of it eventually getting good. And I know I’m not the only one still watching and hoping, so there must be something there that’s keeping us hooked…

I watched other series (Kurenai, Ookamikakushi, Sora no Woto etc) as well, all entertaining. So all in all it was a good weekend!

One Response to Two days of anime!

  1. keoje says:

    I’m feeling the same way about Dance in the Vampire Bund. It had potential but so far it’s not really that interesting and fails to grasp me the way other animes(Code Geass for example) did.

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