New Theme!

I made a banner from the first pic that came to hand like Cara suggested, and it didn’t fit with the theme I’ve been using up to now. Which is a shame, as I liked that theme, but then I also liked this banner. So after a good 30 minutes of previewing the many (mostly hideous) themes available, I found this one which I quite like. Nice soft colours, and none of the weird automatic caps-to-lowercase rubbish that the other one had going on. It’s nice to be AngryJellyfish again, the lowercase ‘J’ was still annoying me over a week later…

Not much to say apart from that really, I slept through most of today. But if anyone has any more ideas of how I can improve this  blog (besides talking about more interesting topics – I would if my life wasn’t so uninspiring) then please let me know in the comments. 🙂


2 Responses to New Theme!

  1. Caraniel says:

    Ah this is much better AJ, liking the banner and the white background makes the text easier to read too 😛

    You could maybe archive some of your reviews here like Aiko and I did with our blogs? Although now you’ve indexed the Review Thread its not particularly difficult to re-read things anyway so you may not be bothered 😀

  2. keoje says:

    My blog theme cuts off a part of my banner 😦 I like the new appearance and banner on yours. Looks fantastic.

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