Suddenly, I have things to do!

Today marks the beginning of the end of my incredibly lazy life of doing nothing but watching anime and searching for jobs. Tomorrow I’ll be signing on at the job centre as usual, then afterwards I’ll be heading for Aberystwyth again. About twice the length of my usual journey to Porthmadog and back, but it only costs about 60p more. Partly because Red Rover daily tickets are such a good deal, and partly because return tickets to Port are so ridiculously overpriced for some reason…

Upon arriving at Aberystwyth (at 3:30 PM if all goes well), I have no plans for the rest of Wednesday. I’m due to look at a house there early Thursday afternoon, because I can’t really return there to study for an MSc if I don’t have anywhere to live. Then in the early evening, I’m going to my first Aberystwyth Anime Society screening since graduating, which should be a mix of nostalgia and horror, as I look at all the series they’re showing and imagine what I’d have shown instead if I still had power. 😛 The social afterwards should prove a good chance to meet the new members, who I hope to get along with as I don’t want to feel left out during our main event…

…which doesn’t happen on the following morning. Aside from getting an early night, no plans for Friday at all. Then at some unearthly hour on Saturday morning, we’ll head off to catch the train to… Shrewsbury, where we have to get off and catch a bus due to rail maintenance. But this bus will take us to Telford, home of the Midlands MCM Expo! :mrgreen: Where I’ll buy moderate amounts of manga + anime, and no figurines. Because I’m meant to be saving for university. 😦 Meh, even the travel + entry costs are more than I’d usually spend on a weekend out. But it’s the one time since leaving uni that I’ve treated myself, so I’ll spend just enough to maintain balance between my stingy money-hoarding side and my obsessive-otaku side.

So after arriving back in Aber later that night, I’ll stay one more night there before heading back home on Sunday. I’ll then take Monday off to recover. And the day after that will be my first proper day volunteering at Plas Tan y Bwlch (see last Friday’s post if you missed me talk about that). I’ve decided to work Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays there from now on, in an attempt to get back into the habit of waking up early and being of use to somebody. Actually, that last point may be a first for me…

My next post will likely be on Sunday or Monday; with a long weekend like this ahead of me, I should have plenty to talk about when I return. Like all my (very few, very small) purchases.


2 Responses to Suddenly, I have things to do!

  1. keoje says:

    You didn’t buy an anime pillow did you? 😯 :p

    • I didn’t actually see any on sale, though if I had it would have to be a pretty awesome character for me to want to buy it. 😛 I hear finding actual pillows to fit the cases is pretty difficult too…

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