So much for the end of my lazy days…

In my last post I said I’d be going back for more volunteering the next day(Thursday). That didn’t happen, because the head gardener was called away for a meeting at the last minute. I also didn’t go the day after, because my dad was off work and I had nobody to give me a lift. Apparently he’s off most Fridays at the moment, something that he didn’t mention when I specifically asked if volunteering on Fridays was convenient… bah. I have Mondays off because I only wanted to volunteer three days a week (and Wednesday is job centre day); and I can’t go in on Tuesday either because I have a job interview. Meh, at least that will be productive. 😛 When I go back on Thursday I’ll probably ask to shift my day off from Monday to Friday, because at this rate I’m not going to get enough experience to make it worthwhile.

So for the past five days I’ve been living virtually the same lazy lifestyle I was before (pokemon, anime and ridiculous sleeping patterns), though I have just started adding characters to Anime-Planet’s new character database. So at least I’ve been of use to someone, even if it’s too obscure to put on a CV. 🙂 Another good thing is that my aches and pains have gone away, so I’ll be in better condition to work this Thursday than I would have been the week before. And with the job interview tomorrow + job centre the day after, I have plenty of time to get used to the early starts too.

This has been a slow week for anime releases though, made slower still by my awful internet speeds. A lot of sub groups I’m following seem to be disbanding/dropping series too, which is a shame for us fans but they all have their good reasons. Not sure what I’m going to do about Seikon no Qwaser though, nobody is subbing the censored massacred TV rips, while the uncensored webstream’s video quality is too poor for a videophile like me. Plus I’m a bit scared to find out what exactly’s going on behind the censorship – honestly, I watch this series for the plot!

Because of the slow releases, I put most of my time towards Pokemon. Just caught the three Regi pokemon on Emerald yesterday, and used them to get Regigigas this morning. Now, if only I had Caterpie…


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