Found it!!

…My DS wi-fi dongle thing, that is. 😀 I bought this over a year ago, when my Pokemon Diamond game was fairly new, for the main purpose of battling + trading with a few people I met in an online Pokemon society. And I intend to do that again, though with different people this time, probably on the weekend when those with jobs/studying have the time. What I have been doing in the meantime, however, is using the Global Trade Station (GTS), something I’d never used before now.

It all started with this Feebas I traded from my sister ages ago; level 60-something (she thought it evolved through leveling!), and a sheen maxed out before full beauty had been achieved (okay, that part was my fault. I fail at poffins). I used it to breed another, more useful Feebas (now a Milotic :razz:), and decided I’d put the first one on the GTS so that other people could do the same. It could only have been on there 10 minutes or so before it got traded, and I got a Squirtle in return. Not a bad introduction to the GTS, in my opinion. 😀

I tried filling in a few gaps in my Pokedex by putting specifically bred Pokemon on offer (mainly Feebas, Eevee, Chimchar), but I can’t say I’ve had much luck with those. The one Pokemon that I do seem to be able to trade for virtually anything is, ironically, Squirtles, so that makes my first trade seem even better. :mrgreen:

Enough about Pokemon, and on to anime. The new season is approaching fast, and it looks much better than the Winter lineup did this time last season. So what am I thinking of picking up? MADHOUSE is the clear winner this time when it comes to first impressions, with Iron Man, Senkou no Night Raid + Yojou-Han Shinwa Taikei placing first, second and third on my want to watch list respectively. Arakawa Under the Bridge comes next – I still have a lingering affection for SHAFT even after Bakemonogatari and Dancing Vampires… Then, and this one is a bit more of a guilty pleasure, I’d put Mayoi Neko Overrun. I like cats, and the character designs appeal to me.

There’s a few other interesting series besides those five, but they’re the main ones. And I’ll watch the first episodes of everything before I decide for certain which ones to pick up. 🙂


5 Responses to Found it!!

  1. Caraniel says:

    Pokemon stuff is like another language to me 😮

    Agreeing with you about Madhouse being the studio with the most to offer in the upcoming season though. I’m also looking forward to the other Noitamina slot – House of Five Leaves. Aside from the blip that was Sacred Blacksmith, Manglobe has always delivered something worth watching.

  2. Caraniel says:

    You have a blogroll – why am I not on it!? :hmmm:

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