Point 1: Turtle-fish isn’t moe.

Of all the inaccurate things I’ve ever seen in anime, this is the most bizarre. I’m waiting for the day it decides to drop the act and massacre them all, bringing the series to a ‘Bad End’ that nobody but the owner of such a turtle-fish would be able to predict. You have been warned.

Point 2: Turtle-fish isn’t food.

Wrong way around, you only eat turtle-fish when in Solviet Russia. It should be the turtle-fish with the knife. Except it doesn’t need one, because it has razor sharp claws. Ours once jumped out of it’s tank and started making it’s way towards the kitchen, and I don’t think it was planning on cooking itself…

Point 3: This guy’s nickname is Suppon, which translates to turtle-fish.

Not ‘Spoon’, as some sub groups would have us believe. And that’s all I have to say on this one.

Anyway, turtle-fish seem to be the ‘in thing’ this season, along with that ‘double mole beneath the eyes’ feature:

Coincidence? Most probably.


4 Responses to Turtle-fish

  1. Aiko says:

    I’ll reply to this properly when I have some more time (somebody is calling me in the other room). That is, I would like to revisit this entry, but it’s unlikely that I will, so I’ll just say that you got a laugh out of me. 😀

  2. “suppon” seems to be translated as just turtle which fits in given his size, but turtle-fish makes more sense given his surprisingly vicious bite nature :p

    your k-on pic displeases me 😦

  3. trueredesu says:

    Moe turtle is moe :huff:

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