The real end of my lazy days

It’s been over a fortnight since I last posted anything, and it wasn’t due to a lack of things happening. Instead, I found myself with considerably less free time, and anime will always be my main priority. The main cause of this is my A4E course finally kicking off, meaning I’m doing 5 days of volunteering, regardless of the weather. Only 5 hours a day (breaks included in that), but when you factor in the travel it’s more like 6. And it’s during the daytime when the internet is fastest, with early starts that stop me making the most of late night speeds as well. LAME.

Not that the conscription (I’ll be calling it that from now on since it’s no longer voluntary) itself is bad at all, I just wish it didn’t impact on my free time so much. Gardening is still fun, and my introduction to Barnardos charity shop on Monday proved to be just as good. Tasks included steaming, tagging and hanging clothing, fixing a couple of minor problems on their computer, helping to bag + load the recycling onto a van, and sorting out books. This latter job was the most difficult for me, as their definition of ‘good condition’ was very different to mine. Yellowed pages are only to be expected from books from the 1960’s, and wouldn’t put me off buying them if they were of interest to me, but apparently they’re not good enough. And books that aren’t good enough get recycled. Might as well light up the bonfire… But anyway, the people working there are nice, and there’s so many different things that need doing that I’d never get bored. I’ve got more to do on the computers when I go back tomorrow, and they plan on putting me on the till eventually too!

So that’s my new excuse for inactivity! Hopefully once I’m used to this routine I’ll get better at managing my time in the evenings and on weekends.


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