MSc Managing the Environment

I don’t remember mentioning this in any previous blog posts, bizarrely enough, but in September I’ll be taking up a place in Aberystwyth University on their MSc Managing the Environment course. Since I barely scraped through my degree (got lazy in my second year, but proved I could do better in my third) there was limited funding available to me, hence why I’m doing it this coming academic year instead of the one that’s just finished – I couldn’t afford it first time around. But failing to find a job in this time has made saving difficult, so while I was confident I could attend this year and leave without a major debt, I’d have to live like a monk. Good for mind, body, soul, and probably exam results too, but not for my social life or manga collection!

[EDIT] The second half of this post originally went on about a new voucher scheme which would have significantly decreased my tuition fees, but it seems my tutor was incorrect when he said I was eligible. 😦 Ah well, as I said I’m confident I can survive. I’ve a few old games, books and DVDs I could sell on ebay if desperate.

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