Woo! I’m twenty two!

Caws YEAH! :mrgreen:

Plans for the day involve a manga shopping spree (number of volumes dependent on amount of money recieved – haven’t got a clue how much to expect), and a huge anime marathon. The anime marathon isn’t just because it’s my birthday, but also because I’ve got a friend over in the evening + most of Sunday, and I never watch anime when he’s here. Not that his presence is a bad thing at all, it’ll be great fun, but I need to get my anime fix in while I still can. 😛 Barely have time for a couple of episodes most weekdays…

The summer anime season is now well underway; expect a summary post once the last couple of series of interest have aired. I said I’d pick up a series for weekly blogging this season, and at the moment Shukufuku no Campanella is looking to be the most likely candidate, so expect that soon as well. Summer also means Saimoe, and I’m avidly following it from the preliminary stages as usual. But with all these other things to blog about suddenly, I won’t bore people with this. Maybe nearer the end, final 8 or the quarter finals or something.


One Response to Woo! I’m twenty two!

  1. Caraniel says:

    Woo! Happy Birthday AJ!

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