Shukufuku no Campanella 2

Okay, before I go into this episode in any detail I should go over the few things of importance mentioned in the first ep. Most of the main characters (Leicester, Carina etc) are members of ‘Clan Oasis’. They didn’t actually say what the clan does until now, when we find out they’re a group of adventurers who go out on quests and stuff. Seems like there’s a plot here afterall, so why the hell leave all signs of this out of the first ep? Another thing I should mention is that this world has a weird power called ‘Eru’, not sure exactly what it is yet, but think of it as a magical power source. It’s used to power robots (or automata), such as the one used by Agnes in the previous episode, and they seem to recharge/refill their Eru by entering a sleep-like state. The first episode ended with a meteor crashing into a tower behind the main cast; but this was no ordinary meteor. It contained Minette, another main character, and it’s explained in ep 2 that she is an automata herself. A particularly advanced one at that, made by the world’s greatest puppeteer, who is of course Agnes’ master, and whose whereabouts seem to be unknown at the moment. Likely to be relevant to the plot at some stage?

So now that’s out of the way, on to the second episode!

These screenshots (well, the first three) were taken from the OP. It was a happy, upbeat song, and the animation sequence that accompanied it featured plenty of comedic/peaceful scenes, but I’ve had enough of those from the first episode. It also showed plenty of characters that weren’t featured in the first ep, some of which were introduced in this one. Don’t worry Cara, I’m not going to paint them. 😛

The episode starts where the previous one left off: Minette has just arrived via a meteor shower, and the first thing she does is go up to Leicester and call him ‘papa’. Now pretty much every female character is in love with Leicester, and Carina is actually his fiancée, so this causes the usual jealous confusion, anger and arguments. As does the fact that when Carina goes to wake up/suffocate Leicester the next day, Minette is sleeping in his bed. But once the confusion is straightened out, we are introduced to Carina’s father:

He takes quite a beating from Nina and Carina before finally getting to his real reason for visiting. He is the city’s highest ranking official, and so obviously has a lot of treasure. But one of the eru-meteors from the night before struck his treasury, and they fear something inside may have gained a life of it’s own. And so Clan Oasis (plus three) accept this quest, and go to check the place out.

Unsurprisingly, there is a monster in the treasury, and all signs point towards it being behind the large, locked door. No choice but to enter the world of ancient dragons then! Yes, it’s time for the FREAKING SHADOW DRAGON! WOO!

Just as they are beginning to attack the shadow dragon, Ritos and Salsa randomly appear. They were shown spying on Clan Oasis earlier (and ended up discussing pants – apparently Ritos isn’t wearing any), and easily obtained permission to enter the treasury from Carina’s father. 😛 And they haven’t come unarmed:

But despite Salsa’s claims that their golem is invincible, it is soon thrown back out of the door (with Salsa still on board – Ritos had of course jumped off long before), confirming that their sole purpose in the series is comic relief. With that minor distraction out of the way, we then get to see the other characters in action. Chelsea is of course a swordswoman, Agnes sends forth an army of small puppets for distraction, Carina is the party’s obligatory mage character, and Leicester wields some sort of rifle! But attacks have little effect on the shadow dragon’s body, and only serve to make it angry. Enter the spontaneous floating elf-fairy, Garnet. No, seriously:

Garnet is actually a dragon, using an avatar to take on humanoid form. She tells them that Minette’s powers should be able to defeat their opponent, and that she should try ‘speaking to it’s mind’. Upon doing this, they learn that the shadow dragon was only startled by the fact it was suddenly alive (understandable), and never meant any harm. Which is why parties of adventurers should stop jumping to conclusions and attacking every single monster they see! 😡 Eventually they come to a peaceful solution, with Minette absorbing all the extra eru using an ability that’s supposedly very rare. And it turns out the shadow dragon was a manifestation of Garnet’s powers, separated from her body by the meteor shower. Agnes then begins to blame her for it all, which is a bit harsh. No wonder she wants to give them carbunkles!

Regardless, all’s well that ends well! And you can’t really end an episode in a better way than fitting in a random beach scene… I think? But aside from fitting in as many bikini shots as possible, these last few minutes also served to introduce Nick, the axe wielding Clan Oasis member from my earlier OP screenshot. Apparently he’s just returned from another quest, and that’s about all I can say about him at this stage.

The ED theme was another nice song, though I think I prefer the OP. Plenty of chibiness going on in the accompanying animation, but it was so covered up with credits that I couldn’t get any decent screenshots.

So while the first episode of Shukufuku no Campanella was dull and only served to inspire me to get creative, this second episode wasn’t bad. Generic, but not bad. If they can give it a semi-decent plot (not asking for a masterpiece here), and keep the comedy from getting repetitive, then I could end up enjoying this more than I thought I would! Only time will tell though.

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  1. Caraniel says:

    Shadow dragon? M’kay then. I’m not watching the series – just going to read your posts 😛

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