Shukufuku no Campanella 4

Seriously, I’ll make that non-Campanella eventually, but I don’t want to fall too far behind with this either. 😛

Today’s (well, last week’s) episode was largely about developing Agnes’ character and background. Before the OP is a flashback to when she left for Ert’Aria, which is the town where Clan Oasis live, don’t believe I mentioned that before. And as I predicted without a great deal of effort or thought, her reason for heading there is to find her ‘maestro’, the great puppet master who taught her. It seems this maestro is looking for some sort of artifact herself, to make things more difficult… But for now, all Agnes can do is her usual puppet tricks to earn a living, picking up information along the way. Among the crowd who watch her shows is a random granny, who is apparently her biggest fan. Unfortunately, this granny is out of  hot spring shouseki (shouseki that turns your bath water into a hot spring or something), and so Clan Oasis get their quest for this episode!

Hot springs shouseki is mined, not captured from shouseki monsters, so this time it’s a short climb up some mountains and into a dark cave. Oasis pass the Tortilla twins on their way, who overhear their conversation about hot springs, and jump to their own conclusions about what the clan is up to:

Ritos then directs Salsa over a cliff edge, but you knew that was coming.

Inside the mine entrance, there is of course very little shouseki left, and so Agnes and Leicester head down deeper to look for it. Carina didn’t seem to care about this, perhaps after last episode she no longer suspects anything is going on between the two. But this episode certainly suggested otherwise… The party eventually find a motherlode of hot springs shouseki, but after they’ve mined more than enough of it, Leicester notices a wall that doesn’t look quite right. Nick smashes this wall, and inside there is:

This crystal gives off a good feeling which makes everyone feel better or stronger. Only Agnes seems to have an idea of what it is, but before she can say anything Monte starts flashing red and warning them of increased seismic activity (i.e a huge earthquake). Everyone runs, though Agnes hesitates at first, still captivated by the crystal. Leicester manages to snap her out of it, but they are then separated from the rest of the party by a cave in. The two groups shout to each other through the rubble, Agnes providing the voice of reason and calming down a hysteric Carina. But as both groups head off to find separate exits, Leicester realizes that Agnes is actually very frightened herself. Seems she’s been in a similar situation in the past, and barely managed to escape, something she confides with Leicester about. Luckily, their escape was pretty easy this time, and they even emerged to find a rainbow waiting for them!

The rest of Oasis also escaped BTW, once the character/romance development was over with, and everyone went back home. Granny got her hot spring shouseki, and there was also enough for the Tortilla twins and for Oasis themselves. Leicester’s mother tells him to try out the bath first, but says the same thing to another person minutes later…

As in many series before this one, the rest of Clan Oasis’ female members then all barge in at once, with Leicester and (for some reason) Agnes clinging together and hiding from them while they undress in scenes too ecchi to post here. But Agnes said that, though it was embarrassing, it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing… Carina would do well to keep on her guard!

The other female characters then undertake another traditional anime hotsprings event – breast groping!

I’m working Tuesday – Thursday, then I’m away until the following Tuesday, when I start working again. So unless I post something tonight, it could be a while before I next update this. But come September I’ll be moderately free again, and I’d love to be able to go back to daily (or at least twice weekly) posts.

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