Shukufuku no Campanella 5

My blog now has categories. Just anime, with a sub category for these Campanella posts, but I’ll add some more eventually. A volunteering category would be nice, since that part of my life is now ending. Hopefully for good, since a paid job would be awesome after I *hopefully* graduate again.

Like me, Clan Oasis took a day off in this episode, due to a lack of quests and fatigue after the travelling of the last two episodes. However unlike me, most of the members had something important to attend to outside of the clan. All except Minette and Garnet.

Nina decides to send Minette and Garnet on a ‘quest’ of their own – acquiring a number of important items.

And so Minette and Garnet go shopping. But Nina doesn’t trust them to do this alone, and so has Salsa and Ritos follow them. Which they’d probably have done anyway without being asked, surely?

Surprisingly for this type of episode (yep, I’ve seen this before, as most long time anime fans will have) Minette arrives at the shop safely without any problems. Unfortunately for her, the merchant is out of potatoes. Instead he gives her a free apple, and tells her to head past the central square, where another grocery shop can be found. And this is where the problems begin. Minette heads in completely the wrong direction, and when Salsa tries to correct them, Ritos reminds her their ‘mission’ is to remain hidden and observe. Luckily, Agnes’ puppet show is taking place at the central square, and so the two shoppers follow the music and are soon back on track.

Following the road past the square, they then run into Carina, who is waiting near the Great Church. Apparently she’s meant to be attending a meeting there along with Chelsea, but the latter has yet to arrive (I wonder why?). Anyway, Carina gives the shoppers some more precise directions, and they head off. Meanwhile, Salsa gets arrested for hanging around the church and acting suspicious… Ritos, of course, is nowhere to be seen.

Now at the dock, Minette and Garnet stumble upon a very lost Chelsea. With no hope of her getting to the church alone, Minette sends Garnet to guide her. After all, meat is the only thing left on the list,  surely Minette can do that much on her own..? But before she can get to the butchers, she meets a frail young girl collapsed in the street:

This new character introduces herself as Miriam. She talks with Minette about things like her pet cat and her brother – but there was something strange about the way she said those things, hesitation or something, that makes me doubt it was all truthful… Regardless, Minette doesn’t pick up on this, and they become friends fast. Well, I say fast, it took long enough for it begin to get dark outside. With little time left before the shops close for the night, Miriam shows Minette a shortcut through an alley full of cats. But one of the cats is stuck! Minette climbs up to save it, but falls… and is caught by Leicester, who randomly joined Ritos (+ a recently freed Salsa) to stalk her. They then return the cat to it’s owner, and all head home for the night, with Minette promising to meet Miriam again.

Afterwards, Minette realizes she forgot the meat. And though the others try to console her, saying that vegetable curry is good for dieting, it doesn’t change the fact that she failed her mission. At this point, Salsa and Ritos appear – with a delivery of grade A beef! This is a gift to Minette from the butcher, whose cat they saved earlier! And so it all ends happily. Except for Garnet and Chelsea, who spent all day trying to find the Great Church, eventually missing the meeting…

I hope to watch and write up the 6th episode tomorrow, that way I’ll only be a week behind. 😛 And if I can catch up completely after finishing in Barnardos, all the better!


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