Shukufuku no Campanella 6

I should stop promising to make posts on/by certain dates. I do so in the hope that it’ll motivate me to post more frequently, but the problem here isn’t motivation. Even though I’m now unemployed again, I’ve been woken up early + kept busy every day since finishing, something that looks set to continue tomorrow… but enough about that.

This episode focused on Chelsea, and started with her talking to a mysterious woman behind a curtain (some sort of religious prophet of their world, I’d assume). This woman foretold two things: firstly that Chelsea will find happiness living in Ert’Aria, but secondly that a disaster is swiftly approaching the city. A disaster that Chelsea claims to have been born to prevent – not sure if she’s just referring to her honour as a holy knight there, or whether she’s actually some sort of ‘chosen one’ type character from this prophecy. Guess we’ll find out when it happens; the sooner the better as this series is getting very repetitive!

After the OP, Chelsea is shown practicing with another holy knight, who gets completely pwned:

Carina’s Uncle then shows up, and invites the knights to a party as a reward for their hard work. He proposes that Clan Oasis relieve them of their duties in the meantime, a quest that they gladly accept. Though Agnes is invited to the party in exchange for providing entertainment; and Minette too, because many of those attending her fans.

Carina also attends the party as daughter of the hosts. And she makes sure that the other girls of Clan Oasis are dressed for the occasion, including a reluctant Chelsea who is not accustomed to wearing dresses…

So in the end, it’s only Leicester and Rick who’re left to take on the knight’s duty – guarding the holy temple and it’s treasures. Most of which seem to be over-sized weapons.

Outside the party, it’s the Tortilla twins who are on guard duty. With no natural hazards to subject her sister to, Ritos makes instead tricks Salsa into saying that work is more important than food, before scoffing a load in front of her. Inside everything seems to be going well…

That is, until a shouseki monster shows up. This threat catches the party-goers completely off guard, as they assumed if anywhere was attacked while the knights were off-duty, it would be the temple. Minette summons Garnet, who quickly identifies their foe:

Garnet then heads to the temple to find Leicester (surprised they sent her after last episode!), while Chelsea holds off their foe with a candlestick. The twins’ Golem comes in useful too, using it’s secret weapon (so secret that only Ritos knew about it) – a high frequency sound attack.

None of this is enough to defeat the monster, however. Enter Leicester, who points out the creature’s obvious attraction to light (it had mainly been attacking lanterns and candles the whole time). He uses his own invention, a powerful lantern, to attract the snake, and passes his sword to Chelsea who deals the finishing blow. Before fainting due to a combination of exhaustion and alcohol. With the party now over, Leicester carries her home.

Not much followed after this, aside from an ecchi scene where Leicester tries to get Chelsea into bed, and she starts drunkenly undressing in front of him etc. Nothing I haven’t seen in many other series… the preview for the next episode seemed to promise more though (first time it has since episode 1 :razz:), so I’m hoping that now the main (female) characters have each had their own episode they’ll move on to this disaster thing!


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