Shukufuku no Campanella 7

Here we go again! This time, Clan Oasis learn that the “meteor shower that occurs every seven years” has actually been going ever since the first episode. Surprised they didn’t notice sooner, must have been cloudy or something. Their quest is to travel to Altoise’s research lab at Print’brise (this place has some awesome names :razz:). Now, Altoise is Agnes’ former teacher, who she refers to as her Maitress. I’ll also refer to her as Maitress for simplicity’s sake, otherwise there will be too many names beginning with ‘A’ (you’ll see by the end of this post). Since she left the lab in search of her Maitress to begin with, she has mixed feelings about returning there. However, her knowledge of the area and it’s traps makes her a useful asset to the party this time around, as if they take a wrong route through the forest leading up to the lab, they’ll be teleported back to the start again! Harmless, but frustraiting!

The above screenshot isn’t the only time this word ‘Ale’ came up, in fact it was heavily used throughout the episode. Took me a while to figure out it was Doki’s choice for the word that God Speed Subs called ‘Eru’. It sounds closer to what they’re actually saying TBH, so I’ll stick with that from now on. God Speed seem to have vanished anyway… but back to the episode. Which (like this paragraph) wasn’t going anywhere fast, as Nick took quite a liking to the traps:

As I said before, Agnes has knowledge of where the traps are located. Or at least where they SHOULD be located, but as they get further into the forest, it becomes clear that some of them have been moved. Who could have done this? Tango (that’s Agnes’ puppet cat thing BTW) is the first to realize that only the Maitress would have the power to do so, which spurs Agnes on to get to the lab fast. However, they arrive to find it empty. While Agnes feels disappointed, Minette feels nostalgia – she’s been here before, but barely remembers it. Of course, this was the place she was made (I still struggle to think of her as a robot/puppet). What better time for a flashback to the time of her creation, and her first brief meeting with Agnes?

Minette stayed awake for barely a minute after her creation, enough time for her and Agnes to promise to become friends when they next met. Sadly, she then ran out of Ale. Which explains why she slept until a giant meteorite made of the stuff crashed into her resting place, I guess.

The flashback now over, the anime cuts to Salsa and Ritos, who seem to be at home and not stalking Clan Oasis for once. Instead, Salsa is making star-shaped bread for Leicester and company, something which Ritos couldn’t let her do in peace…

Back to the main story. With evidence to suggest that she’d been there, but with no sign of the Maitress herself, the clan members split up to search for clues to her whereabouts. Leicester finds a book of interest to him, and (conveniently) there’s a button on the bookcase behind it. Too convenient perhaps – the button does nothing. 😛 Outside, Minette is having more luck, having crawled into a secret passage and found a statue holding a gem.

This gem, when brought to the bookshelf, began to glow and shoot lazorz.

In a secret compartment, they find a letter from Maitress to Agnes. She keeps her location a mystery, but claims to have found an artifact that can circulate Ale. Which I’m guessing is pretty amazing (the clan certainly think so), since Ale seems to be a finite energy source. Their thoughts are interrupted by Nick, however, who seems to be having some trouble outside…

His opponent is no ordinary girl, and she gives all the clan’s fighters a good beating in what was a short but well animated fight scene. Just goes to show that AIC can do it, but choose not to for the most part. I only hope it won’t be the last scene of it’s kind.

Agnes knows this girl, who is called Avril. She claims to be after Minette’s core, and all attempts to get her to stop the attack prove futile. No doubt they would have lost the fight if the mysterious albino hadn’t shown up and called Avril back:

Agnes knows this guy too, and calls him Aber-nii. He’s not in the mood for talking much though, quickly escaping along with Avril. Now if this new plot development is anywhere near as predictable as the rest of the series, it’ll be the Maitress pulling the strings (lol). Though since she’s shown as being nice enough in the flashback + Agnes’ memories of her, she’s probably been possessed herself, likely by the artifact she set off to find or whatever force may have been guarding it. Hopefully we’ll get some answers soon, though the preview for episode 8 didn’t look promising…

Episode 7 didn’t quite end there though. 😛 With the cheerful ED theme playing in the background, we see depressing scenes of Minette and Agnes back at Clan Oasis. Not hugely appropriate, I thought. But by the end of the theme the Tortilla twins have shown up with the star shaped bread, and their antics soon have the girls smiling again. A happy ending!


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