Shukufuku no Campanella 8

I picked up yet another new fansub group for this – the character that Doki called Aber-nii, Commie called Brother Ava, or Avadene. While it’s difficult to tell which is more accurate (Japanese Bs and Vs sound so similar!), I guess ‘Aberdeen’ fits in with the series’ naming theme, so I’ll stick with that. 😛

The scene before the OP shows Clan Oasis having a meeting. Apparently there’s a celebration going on in town. When isn’t there? I don’t even remember them giving a reason for it this time around! Anyway… during these celebrations they want to make sure Minette is always accompanied by someone. Understandable after the events of episode 7. Somehow they come to the conclusion that the Tortilla Company is best suited to this task – and since they’d been spying on the meeting since the start, they were conveniently nearby and ready to take up the job right away. On to the OP!

At this point, the possibility that the episode would focus on anything other than the twins was nonexistent. But I wasn’t complaining, I like these characters, and was confident that with a whole episode to fill up they’d have to come up with something new for them to do. Right? Well, following the OP, we see Minette riding atop of Golem along with the twins…

Minette’s popularity means that the group gets a lot of attention… something that Ritos decides can be put to good use. So she asks for Minette’s help with their job – dressing in swimsuits and advertising Clan Oasis and (mostly) Tortilla Company.

At this point Agnes’ puppet show sets up nearby (she always shows up around this time, in any episode set in the town). Ritos decides to make use of her popularity in their advertising campaign too, but it seems Agnes is one step ahead of her – she was wearing her swimsuit under her normal clothes the whole time! Once their performance comes to an end (and Agnes has made a huge amount of money), they head to see Chelsea. Because apparently the Holy Knights, who are supposedly forever busy guarding the temple, have just opened a coffee shop. WTF. Anyway, apparently they’re struggling to advertise their new cafe effectively, and so Tortilla Company offer to help – maid service time!

Chelsea then decides to head back to guard the artifacts, (you know, her real job), and the twins decide to accompany her since Salsa is keen to see these treasures, which are on display to the public during the celebrations. Leaving Minette in Agnes’ care. Great idea considering how useful she was in their fight last episode… but no, nothing bad happened this time around. Before they can get to the temple, however, they have to point Chelsea in the right direction again. She is understandably distressed about her lame sense of direction, but Golem comforts her. Apparently this is part of it’s programming – Leicester personality:

Having finally arrived at the temple, they get to see the artifacts. And this time there’s more than just weapons on display, including precious jewelery. Any one of which is so valuable that it would allow a person to live the easy life, Ritos casually mentions to her sister…

Just then, an angry voice shouts at Salsa, forcing her to turn around and attempt (poorly) to justify her actions. Luckily it isn’t a member of the Knights (though Chelsea was pretty much standing there the whole time), it’s just Garnet. And apparently it’s for her own good that Salsa didn’t take this gem, for it’s name is:

But what’s in a name, anyway?

At this point all thoughts of wealth have disappeared, and Salsa is just glad to have narrowly escaped the curse of the Bloo… gem thing. Which is something her sister can’t allow.

Fortunately for Salsa, this is all just another cruel joke.

With this long joke finally over, the twins finally leave the temple to prepare their fireworks display, an annual event of this unnamed celebration. Along the way they meet Leicester (again, his appearance late in the episode is predictable). He hands Ritos a package, which she claims is a symbol of his love. It’s actually just a piece of equipment for the fireworks, but Salsa is noticeably distressed at the thought of Leicester falling for her sister. The three then proceed to the place where the fireworks are to be set up, but upon getting there Ritos remembers that she entrusted something into the care of Clan Oasis, and sends Salsa + Leicester to retrieve it for her. It turns out this is part of a plan between her and Leicester’s mother, Shelley, to bring the two closer together, and after arriving at Clan Oasis Salsa is offered a seat next to Leicester for the fireworks display. However, she turns down this offer, and returns to her sister. Because there’s no point viewing the fireworks without Ritos. Touching stuff, as it shows that both sisters actually do care for each other, underneath all the bullying. And then the fireworks begin, bringing this episode to a close.


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