Shukufuku no Campanella 9

With the harvest festival over (I’m guessing that’s what they celebrated last ep), we begin with Leicester’s parents talking with the clan members about the meteor shower. Apparently the meteor activity has been weird for the past 7 years, and Maitress discovered the cause of this – the Waterwheel of Heavens, the artifact mentioned in ep 7 that’s capable of circulating the world’s Ale. Of course, it’s whereabouts are unknown to all, besides maybe Maitress.

After last week’s random OP change, we’re back to the original OP song, though this time it’s the second verse, and the accompanying animation is new. I don’t have much to say about this, except that the second verse isn’t as catchy as the first. Still a fun, upbeat song though!

After the OP, we see Minette meet up with Miriam. Nick’s also there to guard her in case of another enemy attack, but when Leicester arrives not long afterwards, his short role in the episode is over. Miriam wants to buy a present for her cat, and Minette suggests a bell. Being an inventor, Leicester suggests that they make one themselves in his workshop out of shouseki, and the girls agree. Minette also adds that she’d love to see Miriam’s cat, at which point Miriam acts suspiciously nervous once again…

While the main focus of this episode is on Miriam, Minette and Leicester, dotted throughout we get to see the other clan member’s attempts at finding info on the Waterwheel of Heavens. Carina searches the library with no success, Agnes searches her Maitress’ workshop but finds nothing but a nostalgic photo, and Chelsea… is lost on an island.

Back to the main focus, and (after a short shopping montage) Leicester’s group arrive at Tortilla Company, as apparently they have some of the best shouseki and supplements available. They are greeted by Ritos, who acts suggestively towards Leicester, and is ignored completely. Both are used to this by now, it’s pretty much their way of greeting each other. 😛 She then invites them in, using questionable methods:

Finally inside, Salsa is quick to serve the guests some tea. She claims she’s glad they’re there as it gives her an excuse to take a break. Ritos has another theory to explain her enthusiasm…

Once they’ve gotten the necessary materials from the twins, Leicester and the girls finally make it to his workshop. Once there they make enough for everyone in Clan Oasis, as well as one each for Miriam, her brother, and of course her cat.

Then, loads of things happen at once. The meteor shower starts, and Miriam collapses. Nina tries to contact the hospital, but Garnet shows up out of nowhere and intervenes. She says they should have Agnes look at her instead (and she conveniently arrives back from her Maitress’ workshop at that very moment). It turns out Agnes knew Miriam once, but at the time she was terminally ill. To avoid her death, her brother (who as expected is Aberdeen) turned her into an automaton… nice. But even this isn’t going well, as the meteor shower is disrupting the balance of Ale in the world, causing Miriam’s core to become unstable. Only an incredibly rare and powerful core would be able to deal with this – a core like Minette’s. And there lies the motive for everything that happened in episode 7.

I’m slightly disappointed, I was hoping for something more exciting, maybe with the fate of Ert’Aria or even the world hanging in the balance. But Minette’s friendship with Miriam, and the fact that one of them may have to die so the other can live, may result in an interesting plot anyway.

These thoughts prevent Minette from sleeping that night, and so she goes to see Leicester. He reassures her, saying that if everyone works together, they’ll be able to find a peaceful and happy solution to this problem. But they then hear Nina’s scream coming from the room where Miriam is resting – Aberdeen and Avril have come to reclaim her. The episode ends there with a new ED, featuring depressing pics and terrible Engrish, made even worse by Doki’s attempt to sub it… “You always wish upon this“? Come on, they blatantly said ‘stars’…

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