Shukufuku no Campanella 10

This should be a relatively short post, because not much actually happened in this episode. And by that I mean less happened than usual, because TBH nothing much happens even in the most action packed episodes. 😛

We begin where the last ep left off, with Aberdeen and Avril having come to take Miriam away. At this point she wakes up, and for the first time she learns where the new core she’s supposed to be getting will come from. She is strongly against the idea, understandably. So as not to upset her further, Aberdeen choses not to attack Clan Oasis at this time, and so he, Avril and Miriam leave peacefully.

The next morning, the clan members decide what actions to take. Leicester decides to focus on finding a way for them both to survive happily, Carina contacts her father to obtain information from all the other clans, Chelsea asks the knights to search for Aberdeen, Nick guards Minette, and Salsa + Ritos also help by heading off to find out why the world’s Ale flow is messed up in the first place. Apparently the twins had been spying on the events of the night before, but chose not to make an entrance as it would have spoiled the tension. 😛 They hear of an area where the Ale flow has been inexplicably reversed, but on their way there a large blue light appears, causing the train they’re riding to grind to a halt. Salsa looks to her sister for reassurance, and for once even Ritos seems too worried about this light to make a joke out of the situation.

The rest of the episode’s first half is just Minette and the less-busy clan members doing various household chores, such as cooking and doing the laundry. The only thing of importance here is that Minette seems to be her usual happy self, despite the events of the night before.

After food, Agnes and Minette run off to play in the sea. And fall over.

The two then head for the baths, providing an opportunity to talk alone about the recent events. Agnes is of course troubled, as she thinks of Aberdeen and Avril as family, and knows they wouldn’t resort to this unless Miriam was very short on time. Minette doesn’t seem to hold anything against them either, and later on she tells Leicester that, once Miriam has recovered, she wants to invite her, Aber and Avril to join Clan Oasis!

The second half isn’t much more eventful, but had a completely different feel to the happy first half. After saying goodnight to Leicester, instead of sleeping Minette runs off towards the place they first met: the church rooftop. There she finds Shelly, who seemed to have predicted what Minette would do. It seems that despite acting her usual happy self, Minette had been deep in thought about her situation and had decided to give up her core so that Miriam could survive. While Shelley says she won’t stop her, she makes sure that Minette has considered everything: how would the other clan members feel if she was no longer with them?

Minette realizes that her actions are quite selfish; but as Shelley explains, so are the actions of Aber, Miriam and even Leicester, as people are not linked and it can be difficult to understand each other’s feelings. With this talk now over, Minette leaves and heads… right towards Aberdeen. This was unexpected, but I’m assuming the talk with Shelley must have had some impact at least. Either she still firmly believes that sacrificing herself is the right thing to do, or she has another plan.

While this is happening, Leicester finally realizes Minette has gone and runs after her, but is too late…


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