Shukufuku no Campanella 11

After going voluntarily with Aberdeen in the previous episode, this ep shows Minette standing alongside him and Avril in front of Miriam’s bed.

When she had the chat with Shelley, I thought to myself “I’ve seen this plenty of times before. She’ll see her mistake and return to Clan Oasis”. Apparently I was wrong, and Shelley’s chat only strengthened her resolve. She gives them the go-ahead to remove her core and save Miriam, claiming that she’s doing it for herself and not for Miriam (who wouldn’t have wanted her to sacrifice herself).

Meanwhile, Leicester runs around the streets, blindly searching for Minette. Before long Carina shows up on her magic stick, Monte, and tells him that the others have already split up to search. She then uses Monte’s powers to pinpoint Minette’s exact location (why didn’t she do that earlier?), and Leicester joins her as she flies towards this goal. But along the way they are intercepted by Avril, who won’t let them pass without a fight. Carina uses her magic to surround Leicester in a magical bubble, and sends him floating towards Minette, while she faces Avril in a short fight scene. Both seem to be equal in skill, though Carina notes Avril’s unusually quick reflexes, remarking that she’s just like a cat…

Leicester arrives at Aberdeen’s house safely, but is then faced by the man himself. Leicester tells him that he would probably have done the same in Aber’s shoes, but that he won’t give up Minette (hypocritical much?). Unlike Carina vs Avril, Aberdeen vs Leicester is very biased in favor of the antagonist – he has some sort of combat artifact on his arm that blocks Leicester’s gun/sword blows while delivering powerful counter attacks.

At this point Minette runs out of the building, demanding to know why Leicester is so determined to fight. His answer: “Because I’m your Papa!”. He then praises Minette for making her own decisions after considering all perspectives, but goes on to say that his decision is different. He wants to save everybody, including Aber and Avril who he claims are also suffering. Aberdeen denies this, tells him to stop dreaming etc, and combat resumes. But this time Leicester gets serious.

Following this clash (and an advert break), both their combat artifacts break. They take this as an excuse to pause fighting. Leicester then continues the chat he was having with Minette before. He is selfish, and will do anything to get what he wants. But it’s okay to be selfish:

Minette decides that she wants to continue to live with Leicester and her friends afterall, as well as finding a way to save Miriam. Miriam then appears at the scene herself, and seconds this.

Much hugging and rejoicing ensues.

Then Garnet summons herself, telling them all to return to Clan Oasis at once. They do so, and arrive to find Salsa and Ritos waiting for them. The twins inform them of the blue light they saw, and the large number of shouseki monsters that subsequently showed up and began terrorizing the local people.

Garnet claims this light is due to a counterflow of Ale from the Waterwheel of Heavens. Which is apparently very bad.

If this is the case, they finally know the location of the Waterwheel of Heavens. And since it now poses a threat to Ert’Aria, is the cause of Miriam’s weakness and is related to the disappearance of Maitress, they don’t really have any choice but to go and investigate. And though there may be plenty of shouseki monsters along the way, they can always use Salsa as a decoy!


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