Shukufuku no Campanella 12 – THE END

Well, this is the end. Though the series itself is pretty awful, though I fell terribly behind the weekly release, though I average 1 view a day on my blog, and though that one person doesn’t even take the time to comment, it has been a fun experience. This final episode was very generic, and this post will mostly be made up of screenshots to cover up the shortage of text, so enjoy the pretty pictures!

We begin the episode at a nostalgic scene – in front of the blue crystal from back in episode four. Turns out this is the entrance to another dimension, where the Waterwheel of Heavens is located.

Before Clan Oasis can enter, they find themselves under attack by shouseki monsters. Avril and Aberdeen stay behind to keep them busy, while the rest of them press on into the unknown…

Inside the dimension created by the Waterwheel, the clan is faced with a large tower – the centre of the Waterwheel itself. They are also faced with more shouseki monsters, of a more powerful level due to their close proximity to the centre of the world’s Ale, apparently. The party begin to ascend the tower, but soon find that the monsters are gaining on them. Someone needs to stay behind and slow them down. Time to lose a few minor characters, perhaps?

At least he isn’t alone this time, as Garnet decides to give him a hand.

Just outside Ert’Aria, Salsa, Ritos and the holy knights seem to be in charge of protecting the city from even more shouseki monsters.

While the knights are kept busy by the small-fry, a particularly large monster makes it’s way directly towards the twins!

Luckily, help arrives from the most unlikely places…

Back in Waterwheel space, now at the top of the tower, the adventurers find yet another giant crystal.

Agnes chooses this moment to make a pretty big (but in the grand scheme of things, largely unimportant) revelation – her Maitress is also her mother! Exactly why she kept that a secret is a mystery. Turns out Chelsea also knows her well, as they were once travelling partners or something.

Weird last minute plot twists aside, Maitress informs them that the Waterwheel is broken, and that the chances of repairing it are less than 1%. It is an ancient artifact, made using long forgotten techniques afterall. If they were to fail at repairing it, they would risk damaging it further, this time leaving it completely beyond repair. And if that were to happen, the world would lose the power of Ale forever. On the other hand, if left alone, the Ale flow would quickly run out anyway. Faced with this situation, Maitress chose to use her body as a medium to control the Ale flow, and by creating mass outbreaks of shouseki monsters it’s power would be preserved. Makes sense, as they used Ale power harvested from shouseki monsters back in episode 3. However, it seems terribly similar to the situation Minette faced in the previous episode…

What followed was a heartfelt speech from Minette, telling her creator of all the things she has learned about love, happiness and friendship. She knows that Maitress is very sad to sacrifice herself, and reassures her that Leicester will find a way for everyone to live happily ever after, as he’s already promised. Maitress decides to give them a chance, and releases her control of the Ale. This stops the creation of shouseki monsters, but instead the Ale itself turns on the adventurers, taking on the form of large serpentine dragons!

While Leicester and Minette hurry to the centre of the artifact, the rest of the clan members engage these Ale dragons in combat.

Wait, seriously?

At the centre, Leicester finds an unsolved jigsaw puzzle. It seems that all he has to do to fix the Waterwheel is solve it. Which would be much easier if his hands didn’t keep catching fire every time he touched it… apparently the Ale at the centre of the artifact is very active, which is where Minette comes in useful. Using her unique core, the Anima Pearl, she is able to calm the Ale and make it easier for Leicester to concentrate. However, the fight against the dragons isn’t going well at all…

Chelsea’s sword breaks, Carina runs out of magical power, and Agnes… well, she’s hardly a fighter. As their attacks falter, things seem to get harder for Leicester and Minette as well. But just when it seems like they’re doomed to fail, they’re suddenly rejoined by Avril, Aberdeen, Nick and Garnet!

Their presence seems to reinvigorate the rest of the party, and the tide instantly turns in their favour. For some completely unexplained reason, even the large sword from the holy temple in Ert’Aria comes to their aid!?

Before long, the dragons are defeated and the jigsaw is completed.

Maitress is now freed from the crystal, and everyone is happy again!

Back outside Ert’Aria, the shouseki monsters lose their crystals and return to being regular… creatures.

And that’s pretty much it. All that followed was the usual happy chatter and a montage of the characters going about their daily lives in a peaceful Ert’Aria, while the full version of the OP played in the background.

So is this the end of my anime blog posts? Well there’s already one Campanella DVD special out, and an OVA has been announced, so there’s still a chance I’ll blog this series again in future. As for picking up a new series from the Autumn season, that depends on how well I can manage my time and download quota as I return to Aberystwyth and university life. But more on that in future posts…

[EDIT] On second thoughts, I don’t think the DVD extra material is fit for blogging. And here I was expecting some sort of cute comedy… at the end of the day it IS a H-game adaptation, I guess.

I wonder, what are the chances that they’ll do one for Nick?


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