2010 Anime – Best 5 OP Themes

Keeping with the theme of summarizing this year’s anime, today I’ll cover the OPs that you’d never find me skipping, no matter how much I’m looking forward to (or in some cases, dreading) the episode itself. Some are tunes I’ve been playing for the best part of the year (if not on my laptop or MP3 player, then in my head), though most of them are quite recent. As much as I’d like to think the music has gotten better as the seasons have gone by, a more likely reason is that the current season’s themes are still fresh in my mind. Still, I did rewatch the OP themes of every series I picked up this year to be sure, and didn’t make many changes to my initial list. So here goes:

5: Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge

Just beating the first season’s OP. Strange to think that season 1 also aired this year, feels like an age ago, but I digress… Anyway, it’s a catchy song accompanied by SHAFT’s usual wacky OP animation (just look at Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei or Maria Holic for similar zaniness). And isn’t the kiss at the end the cutest thing ever?

4: Letter Bee REVERSE

Now this isn’t as good as the first season’s OP1 I’ll admit, but sadly that didn’t air this year. Funny how it feels like yesterday I was watching it… I think if any song has benefited from being fresh in my mind it’s this one, it’s racked up quite a few plays since I downloaded the full version last week, and before I got that I’d often watch the TV version.

3: Shukufuku no Campanella

Anyone listening to this song for the first time will hopefully understand why I HAD to add that note at the end of what was otherwise a pretty damning summary (by my standards) yesterday. A great summer song, upbeat and catchy. Just don’t let the music and pretty character designs trick you into watching the series. For your own good, just don’t.

2: Ookami-kakushi

Thanks to youtube massacring every single TV anime version of this song, I’ve linked to the full music video, which apparently is acceptable. Watching this version is good for two reasons: first so you can see Yuki Kajiura and the rest of FictionJunction, and second so that you don’t get lured in by Ookami’s OP animation. Again, it’s not worth it!

1: Shiki

I can’t say Buck Tick’s earlier anime songs impressed me that much; their OP for Trinity Blood and second ED for xxxHOLiC were meh at best. But this song, along with pretty much every other aspect of the series so far, redefines awesome. If you’re not already watching it, then by all means let this video convince you why you should. 😛

Honourable mention: Cross Game

This series didn’t qualify for ranking as it aired mostly in 2009, but I thought I’d slip it in here as the last 12 eps were in this year’s winter season. This song (along with the series itself – the first sport anime to take my interest) grew on me over the course of the year, and I still listen to it a lot now, so all the more reason to include it. Once again, it’s catchy!

My next post will cover this year’s EDs. A much harder task.

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