2010 Anime – Second Best OP Themes

This post will be the final one regarding anime theme music, I promise. I’m not going to do worst OP/EDs, best insert songs or expand my lists into a top 20 or anything. Might do my harem of the year next time, depends on whether I get home tomorrow as planned. That’s right, I may be stuck in Aber due to the snow! More to cheer myself up than anything, here’s some more of this year’s cool OP themes.

10: Hidamari Sketch

This is a nice, upbeat song and… it’s catchy as hell! Unfortunately, it’s nowhere near as good as the first two OPs, which is why I don’t listen to it much. Still, when the series was airing you’d never catch me skipping it. The fun animation sequence means it works better as an OP than a song for my MP3 player anyway.

9: Angel Beats

Another great song that would have been rated much higher if it weren’t for the high standard of competition. Not only does it pale in comparison with the ED, but also with Lia’s earlier songs (Farewell Song and Torch in particular). Again, I never skipped it when watching the series.

8: Arakawa Under the Bridge

A third victim of overshadowing, this time by it’s sequel as covered in my first OP post. Still, before season 2 came along this song got a lot of plays, so it deserves a mention. Very cute animation once again. And fish. Lots and lots of fish.

7: Durarara!!

I know I’ll get told off by certain Aber Anime members if I don’t include this (not that they ever read my blog…); the reason it failed to make my top 5 list is that I didn’t find the extended version all that great. But it’s undoubtedly one of the better TV version OPs of the year, the animation and awesome characters add to it a lot.

6: Seikon no Qwaser

Fear not! While the first ED has plenty of fanservice , this second OP focuses on the shonen-style action that could have easily been the main focus of the series if it weren’t for the bizarre breast milk plot device! Plus it’s by Yousei Teikoku; while not their best song, it’s different, which means it still gets lots of plays.

Honourable mention: Shukufuku no Campanella

This is the one-off Tortilla twins OP from episode 8. No, I haven’t gone tone deaf, I accept that the song itself sucks and won’t be downloading the full version in a hurry. But it did it’s job well, making me laugh out loud with it’s crazy animation.

So yeah, more posts will soon follow. Hopefully written from the comfort (read: freezing cold) of my room back in Trawsfynydd. Goodnight until next time!


2 Responses to 2010 Anime – Second Best OP Themes

  1. AlysofWonderland says:

    I was about to yell at you for not including DRRR!! in your list of awesome ED themes, but as you’ve got the first OP in your top ten list, I can’t yell at you too much 😛

    No Kuroshitsuji II, though? For shame! 😛

    I read your blog sometimes! Like now!

    • The themes for Kuroshitsuji II weren’t really my kind of music. Series one was better in that regard, in my opinion, especially the EDs.

      Same problem for Durarara!! The first ED was catchy at the time, but from that season the songs that stick in my head all these months later are the Ookami-kakushi and Qwaser themes, neither of which is anywhere near as good as Durarara!! series-wise.

      One thing I will say for Durarara!! is, the background music was awesome. I might actually have to get the soundtrack now. 😛

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