Merry Christmas!

To all readers of my blog, I wish you a Merry Christmas!

Father Christmas has been good to me on the whole. A weird bubble bath and some lame looking DVD proved a worrying start to the day, but it soon went from meh to awesome. My new hard drive (Christened Yue) is unbelievably light and portable, and I’ve spent most of this morning taking some of the load off my older hard drives by transferring all my unwatched series onto it. Yep, that’s how I spent my Christmas. I DARE anyone to out-geek me on this.

Other presents include a HP printer-scanner combo (Christened ‘That Infuriating Machine’ until I can find a way around using the annoying software that comes with it), Battlestar Galactica season 3, three volumes of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, a Henry the Hoover mug, two torches, a pair of cheap headphones and a ton of sweets, hot drinks and soups.

But that’s not all I’ll be getting. Our family tradition is that we have our ‘main’ presents in the morning, followed by ‘tree’ presents in the evening (I don’t understand the naming, since both are kept under the tree, but whatever). This dates back to when my mother was young, when one set of grandparents always arrived in the evening, so she’d always been used to receiving two lots of gifts. I have to say I like it too, it prolongs the excitement, and makes it much easier to carry all the stuff  upstairs. These ‘tree’ presents tend to be small ~£5 – £10 items, so most of my manga (the final Tsubasa volumes and one of Negima) is among them, along with an English dubbed Manga Entertainment DVD of Psychic Wars. Those are what I know about anyway, chances are there will be a few surprises too.

Finally, even after all this, we keep one present back for tea time. Traditionally, if there’s ever a present I wish I could bury under 20′ of concrete, it’s the one I receive then. Here’s hoping this year will put an end to that, I’ll update this later either way. 😛

[UPDATE] As promised! The ‘tree’ presents were mostly what I expected, though I also got a couple of annuals (Oor Wullie, I’ve been collecting them since The Beezer annuals ceased publication) and a giant food hamper. I’ve seriously got enough food to last me until ~May now, which can only be a good thing! As for the ‘table’ present, the last one given out at meal time, it was a small box of Thornton’s chocolates. An overall success, even if it was the ~100th edible item I’d been given that day, so at the time it  made me feel queasy.


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