So, as I was saying about buddleia…

I lie, sadly I have no more tales of adventure and pruning to share with you google bots today. 😦 TBH I’m only posting because if I don’t post today or tomorrow, it would be the first full month without a single post in the just over a year that I’ve been blogging. Which would be sad.

So I promised something about the new season’s series. I held back on watching a load of first episodes because I had plans to watch them with friends, but nothing goes according to plan with me. I’ve got a presentation to memorize by tomorrow, and a draft dissertation topic to come up with, but instead here I am blogging and inviting friends over to watch Ayakashi… But I digress.

This season’s offerings have been interesting. No disappointments so far, which is good. The title of ‘best series of the season’ is very much still up for grabs; Mitsudomoe 2 has a slight lead so far, as it has to be one of the funniest series to air in the past couple of years, but Madoka Magika, Hourou Musuko and even Kore wa Zombie have been tough competition. The former two are currently held back by slow pacing, so may bounce back nearer the end, while I can’t decide how seriously I’m meant to take the latter. The action scenes in ep 6 and the dark theme of the main character trying to find the person who killed him show potential, but that was quickly brushed aside in favour of more mindless comedy in episode 7. There is one other series I’m watching, which is Fractale. Now that is slow moving. Again, there’s potential for a surprise rise to awesomeness in the series’ second half, but right now it’s just pretty and intriguing. Not a bad series, but it fails to stand out against it’s competition.

So what other series might I go back to? Kimi ni Todoke 2 is an absolute must, but I’d prefer to marathon it than watch it weekly when some weeks barely anything happened in season 1. The title I hear most people raving about is Level E, which I overlooked because I mentally associated it with the abysmal Code-E. I should stop doing things like that. After reading the series’ synopsis properly I have to say I’m interested. Beelzebub was another one I glossed over, thinking ‘shounen = avoid’, but high ratings and the comedy tag should be enough to bring me back to it. More tentative 4th and 5th series to maybe revisit would be Yumekui Merry and Gosick, where the synopses seem interesting enough, but other people currently watching them don’t seem impressed. Chances are I’ll find good points in them all. 😛


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