Kaiji S2 Episode 1

SURPRISE! I had absolutely no idea I’d be blogging this, but 5 minutes into the episode I knew it had to be done. Expect me to post more frequently than I did for Campanella, since I actually really like Kaiji. Just to confirm, this is series 2. Not that there’s much to spoil, but don’t say I didn’t warn you. As ever, hold your mouse over the pictures for bonus captions!

So instead of an OP this week we were treated to a recap of series 1. Which ended with Kaiji in even greater debt, and minus an ear and some fingers. Luckily (if you can really call anything that happens to this guy lucky) he was able to get his body parts re-attached, but that also cost money. But at least he’s alive, right? After somehow surviving the epic beam walking and E-Card arcs, surely he’ll steer clear of such dangerous deals in future?

Of course, if Kaiji had learnt his lesson there wouldn’t be a show. Which makes me wonder whether this show really needed a sequel. Wouldn’t it have been so much nicer to imagine he got his life back on track, found a steady job and paid off his loans by the time he was 82? Probably not.

It isn’t just Kaiji who’s fallen on hard times either – Endou has been demoted from ‘guy who convinces idiots to take part in life threatening games’ to ‘guy who hunts down debtors and forces them into manual labour’. But Kaiji doesn’t know this…

As he drifts off, Endou reassures Kaiji that he is not about to be raped. Instead, he’s going to hell. 15 years of forced labour with other losers in a secret underground civilization.

With 5 AM starts and only a short lunch break, seven days a week, life can’t be much fun down there. Kaiji decides there’s no way he’s doing that for 15 years. But escape is impossible, due to the mass of security cameras, and even the higher up workers in this place are debtors, so taking them hostage would be pointless. So his only hope is to save up the money from his work (of which he only gets 10% – the rest goes towards his debts and living costs), and buy himself the reward offered to only the hardest workers: one day’s holiday! A whole day of freedom from this underground hell! But how does Kaiji plan to spend this time?

This prize costs 500,000 Perica, which is the currency they use in hell.

Turns out Perica are worth a fraction of the value of Yen, which aren’t worth much when compared to the British Pound to begin with. So yeah, if my maths is correct he’s getting paid about £25 for all his work, of which he gets to keep £2.50. Kaiji is determined to save this money for his day of epic gambling; however, every evening the nice people at Teiai Corp. give the workers the opportunity to spend their hard earned Perica on luxury goods – beer, kebabs, crisps and peanuts! Everybody else spends their money treating themselves, and who wouldn’t under that sort of regime? Well, not Kaiji! He’s better than that!

What happens next can be summarized in five pictures:

Now I’m not saying that spending money on snacks in this situation is a bad thing, it’s probably smarter than his original plan of gambling it all, but they only get paid monthly in this place. And Kaiji manages to spend an entire month’s wages in two nights. By day three, all he can afford is a bag of peanuts. At this point, the foreman (Ohtsuki, the nice gentleman who gave Kaiji a free beer) makes him an offer: an advance on his pay! Kaiji is reluctant, but Ohtsuki convinces him by playing to his weakness – gambling!

Because who’d want a nice, safe advance on their next month’s wages, for careful use on an occasional beer, when they could take that money and lose it on dice games instead?

Seriously Kaiji, you fail at life.

The episode ended, as most episodes do, with an ending theme. I’ll just leave a link to that right here. Trust me, you want to watch this.


AngryJellyfish, over and out!


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