Kaiji S2 Episode 3

My excuses this time: a week of internet trouble, followed by days spent on coursework and nights out with friends. That, and I went on a One Piece marathon. As I said before though, I really like Kaiji, and I’ll try to keep up with this as much as possible.

In this episode, Kaiji decides he doesn’t like Ohtsuki any more. 😦

This barrage of similes and metaphors came after a few more rounds of Chinchirorin. Episode 2 saw Kaiji lose a fair amount, but in doing so his gambler’s spirit was reawakened, and soon the dice began to favour him.

Eventually the bowl makes its way around to him again, and this time he decides to deal. However, the other players bet the usual small amounts. After a long silence, and seeing Kaiji’s frustration at the fact he’ll never win back the money he’s lost at this rate, Ohtsuki bets a large 20,000 perica. This bet is then matched by another man, Isawa. This amount is significant because, since Kaiji only has 38,000 perica, if he loses to both of them he’ll be unable to pay. And as Ohtsuki then explains, to cover the rest he’ll have to take an advance on his paycheck for the month after next! In addition to this, for doing him such a great favour, Ohtsuki will take a larger cut, leaving Kaiji with only half his paycheck.

It is at this point that the penny finally drops. Not only did Ohtsuki convince Kaiji to stop saving and start snacking (though I still reckon that was largely Kaiji’s own fault), not only is he taking all Kaiji’s money, but he even set up the gambling with the sole intention of breaking Kaiji! It turns out everyone else in the group was aware of the plan, except for Miyoshi who seems to have been picked to make up the numbers. However, Ohtsuki is no Teiai. His game only seems to be rigged in the sense that he and his lackey Isawa will keep betting enough to bankrupt Kaiji, while everyone else bets so little they may as well not be in the game. Aside from that it’s all down to luck, and if Kaiji repeatedly beats them both, he could clear his debt with Ohtsuki and still have money for his day out gambling… or some more beer.

The round begins:

Isawa and Ohtsuki both fail to beat Kaiji’s five, and hand over their 20,000. Kaiji now has 78,000, which he decides is enough for one night. He passes the bowl on to Miyoshi…

Since players get to decide how much they wager, now that Kaiji has made his money back he could keep betting the bare minimum, passing on being dealer in all following rounds. But in his excitement, he forgot that the current round is far from over. Still, he is confident.

Ohtsuki and his manslave both bet 20,000 again. Kaiji fails his first roll. He fails his second roll. As for his third…

While Kaiji really would have been saved under the normal rules of Chinchirorin (a six is an auto win), a worried looking Ohtuki is quick to remind him that it isn’t over yet!

Just as a reminder, no matter how high or low the dice roll, in this underground version of the game the player still rolls against it. It is possible for Ohtsuki and Isawa to draw and save their own money, or even win on a 4-5-6 or triple. And as the latter dice rolls win you two or three times your wager respectively, they could even force Kaiji into bankruptcy as planned!

Which is exactly what happens.

After having what must have seemed like the perfect victory turned on its head, Kaiji quite understandably passes out.

This provided the perfect cliffhanger on which to end episode 3. Episode 4 will be done when it’s done. I have other posts in mind for the near future too…


2 Responses to Kaiji S2 Episode 3

  1. Clinton says:

    yeah Kaiji is screwed unless he can stop buying snacks and wait long enough to get get his full paycheck and pay off his new debt

    • That would be the logical person’s conclusion, but I don’t know… Based on what I know of Kaiji from the first series, I’d say he’s not done with this game yet. He’ll probably do something crazy like bet his paychecks for the next 6 months, roll a triple 1 and earn enough in this one night to go on his gambling holiday. 😛

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