Kaiji S2 Episode 4

Four posts in a week? WTF is the world coming to?

After the events of episode 3, when Kaiji went bankrupt and fainted, that night’s game of Chinchirorin ended. Kaiji returns to work, this time on less than half pay. He isn’t the only one either. When payday comes around again, he is one of six people to receive only 45,000 perica – to everyone else, these losers among losers are referred to as the 45s (predictably, Miyoshi is also among the six). Of course, once they’ve got their money, the food and drink comes back out to tempt them into giving up even this paltry sum.

His epic gambling side crushed once more, Kaiji wallows in self pity. He buys snacks, musing that even if he had the money he wouldn’t be let out for the day (as only people approved by management are permitted to leave), and that he’d never be able to save up that much money to begin with. Quite the vicious circle.

Just as Kaiji is beginning to accept the fact he’ll be spending the next 15 years here, the guy who was pushing the mine cart with him in the picture above collapses! Two other workers head over to see what the fuss is about, and decide he’s no longer fit for work (despite his protests, in between coughing fits). Kaiji is asked to hold one side of a stretcher, as he and the other two workers take the injured man to the doctor…

The room is full of people writhing in pain, apparently due to the hard labour destroying their bodies. On the way back, the other workers tell Kaiji that three quarters of the people who enter that room never return. As with everything else, treatment costs money, and these people simply cannot pay. Kaiji decides he will endure this lifestyle until he has paid back his debts, but 15 years is a long time, and he won’t be getting any younger! He also resolves to stop buying snacks, but only lasts a week before caving in… that is, he would have done, if it wasn’t for Miyoshi.

Miyoshi’s big smile is due to the fact that in a few hours, another game of chinchirorin will begin! The first time he played it he actually did quite well (you may remember that most of that money came from Kaiji himself), but this one victory has lead him to enter and presumably lose every game since then, hence why he is also a ’45’. He tries to convince Kaiji to enter too, but he’s having none of it. That is, until Miyoshi lets him in on a little secret:

So much for my assumption that Ohtsuki was winning by luck – the dice are indeed rigged. The fact Kaiji also rolled well, combined with Ohtsuki and his lackey’s terrified looks misled me. Ohtsuki really is an antlion-dick-leech. Kaiji is understandably angry, but is able to restrain himself. Hitting Ohtsuki would get him nowhere.

In a situation like this, he turns back to his old strategy – give an inspirational speech, team up with other losers, pool all their money together and take down the enemy with epic gambling. Because that’s never backfired on him in the past…

Kaiji’s exact plan is that they will bide their time until they’re all back on full pay, as they’re not getting anywhere with the chump change they have now. There will be no snacks and no gambling before then (though he allows them one cigarette a day). Only then will they make their move! And so ends episode 4, can’t wait for the next one!


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