Kaiji S2 Episode 5

The one comment I received about episode 4 was on Facebook, not here, as whenever I post something on my blog Facebook tells all my ‘friends’ about it. Though it would increase the number of views and comments… *tags post as AngryJellyfail*. As I say I did get just the one comment on Facebook, but it was telling me to stop spoiling the series. Facebook seems to take the first few words and the last image and spreads them across my wall, which I fully accept could result in unwanted spoilers. Hence why this boring drivel makes up my first 100 words.

No epic gambling in Kaiji this time either. 😦 This episode began with Kaiji attending to the crippled workers – it seems that moving rocks around isn’t his only job, there are a number of other duties that the slaves have to do, seemingly on a rotational basis. While going about this, Kaiji suddenly hears a voice calling out his name. The man in question turns out to be Ishida Hiromitsu, the son of Ishida Koji from series 1!

Ishida Senior was saved by Kaiji back on the Espoir, and despite the fact they barely spoke in that arc, he went on to tell his son all about Kaiji in so much detail that the guy could recognize him. Convenient. Ishida Junior goes on to blame his situation on his father – I mean yeah, he got into debt on his own, but it was only 3 Million yen. What are parents for if not for bailing out their children at times like this. While he continues to berate his father, Kaiji thinks back to their second meeting…

Realizing that Koji risked his life not only to pay his own debts, but also those of his son (which somehow makes him a hero),  and hearing that same son insulting his father’s memory, Kaiji does the only thing that makes sense: bitch slapping the guy, who I’ll remind you is in far from good shape.

Regardless, Hiromitsu is back at work one week later. We see him glancing across at Kaiji a few times while working, but now that he’s been introduced the focus shifts back to Kaiji’s showdown with Ohtsuki. No doubt he’ll be important later on.

After collecting their food, the 45s are sent back into the showers again. When they return, all their food is gone, and the rules say it’s too late for them to get some more. Dinnertime is over. However, the foremen haven’t eaten yet, and Ohtsuki takes this opportunity to make amends with Kaiji, offering him free food and beer. With no evil intentions whatsoever.

Ohtsuki assures Kaiji that there will be no charge for the beer. Kaiji accepts, but also asks whether he can use the drink in whatever way he wants. A slightly confused Ohtsuki agrees.

After an awkward silence Zawa, Ohtsuki’s henchmen try to take revenge, but he stops them. Being the bigger man (in more ways than one), Ohtsuki states that it’s his duty as foreman to make sure all disputes are resolved peacefully, and that he’s willing to forgive Kaiji. Truly, this man has a heart of gold.

For some completely unknown and totally unrelated reason, however, bad stuff happens to Kaiji and the 45s after this. By bad stuff, I mean the types of things that you see happening in school bullying in other anime series.

A few months of this passes by, and finally the 45s start being 92s again – they’re all back on their full pay! But Kaiji kicks up a bit of a fuss when he snatches his money out of Ohtsuki’s hand and counts it in front of him, just to be sure. A fuss which, as with everything in this underground hell, is being caught on camera.

We are then introduced to Tonegawa’s replacement in the Teiai group, a man named Kurosaki Yoshihiro.

As with Hiromitsu, this is merely in preparation for later. We know that the new number 2 is interested in Kaiji, we just don’t know why. First comes more chinchiro!

The episode ends by setting the scene for the next one. In short, Kaiji challenges Ohtsuki to another round using the collective wealth of the whole former 45 group – about 540,000 perica. Ohtsuki is assumed to have at least 1 million. In addition, Ohtsuki agrees to lift the 20,000 upper limit for wagers – they are free to bet whatever they want!

The following picture is here to stop spoilerific screenshots showing up on Facebook. But also because it is cute.

2 Responses to Kaiji S2 Episode 5

  1. Envy says:

    Why did you say Ishida Jr is sick it said latter in the episode that he was faking it

    • According to the subs I’m following (Nutbladder), he ‘overworked himself momentarily in order to secure a break’. I doubt the people working there are kind enough or stupid enough to let people skip work by faking illness (especially for a week), so even if he’s not doing himself any long-term damage I’d assume he wasn’t exactly healthy.

      Still, that’s only my interpretation of another person’s translation, you could be right.

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