Kaiji S2 Episode 6

This is the most I’ve posted in a single month since I enthusiastically started this blog in February 2010!

The episode starts with Kaiji approaching Ohtsuki and his lackeys, who’re playing chinchiro with another bunch of losers. Kaiji announces that he wants the upper betting limit removed, and Ohtsuki is fine with this. However, it isn’t Ohtsuki’s turn to deal, it is that of his underling, Numakawa:

This is the type of seemingly unimportant discussion I’d usually leave out of a post, were it not for the fact that Kaiji predicted this would happen. Somehow, he has deduced that Ohtsuki’s plan revolves around just two people, Ohtsuki himself and the other underling Isawa.

The mooks that were playing against Ohtsuki’s group also pass on the opportunity to be dealer, since none of them has the money to risk losing to Kaiji. Now it is Kaiji’s turn to deal. Meanwhile, news of this epic gambling has spread to the four corners of hell, and the other workers show up, forming a huge crowd, waiting to see what Kaiji does now. His response:

Kaiji argues that since he is low on money, he can’t gamble until he gets a feel for the dice. Because that worked fine the first time… However, he taunts his opponents by saying that if the crowd want to see some epic gambling, Ohtsuki’s group should go first. Kaiji agrees to deal, with no limit on the wagers, but only after they have dealt. The crowd cheers, the mooks leave the circle, and Kaiji prepares for a 1 vs 3 duel against Ohtsuki, Isawa and Numakawa. Starting with Isawa:

The crowd are in for some more disappointment though, as Kaiji bets a mere 20 thousand (below the former limit). And loses to a 4-5-6, which means he has to pay twice that amount. FAIL.

In his second round against Isawa, Kaiji bets 1,000 perica, and wins. If you can really call that a win, since he’s now 39,000 worse off. The crowd loses interest, and I can’t say I found it that exciting either.

Meanwhile, the former 45s are starting to worry that Kaiji might lose, destroying their hopes of defeating Ohtsuki. But Miyoshi tells them to calm down, reminding them that so far everything is going exactly according to Kaiji’s plan! Yep, he predicted that he’d lose 20 or 40 thousand in the first round, and win back a small sum in the following round. This is to lull his opponents into a false sense of security, making them believe he has no feel for the dice. What it shows the 45s and us the viewers is that Kaiji seems to be able to predict their dice rolls, but will he be able to keep doing so when it really counts?

Back in the present, Ohtsuki is also getting bored of Kaiji’s (perceived) all talk but no plan of action. He tells Kaiji to GTFO for getting everyone excited then spoiling their fun with poor luck and low wagers. Kaiji realizes that he has to do something big now in order to maintain their interest – at least that’s how it looks, no doubt this was also planned from the start – and goes all in.

People rush back and start cheering for Kaiji. Ohtsuki is shaken, but agrees to two rounds as dealer. But before he can take the bowl (I’m assuming that no further bets can be made after that point), Kaiji stands up. This acts as a signal to the other former 45s, who add their money to the pile. The total: 507,000 perica.

After all this buildup, the next episode had better be awesome!


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