Kaiji S2 Episode 8

UP TO DATE AT LAST! HELL YEAH! What I said in my last post is especially true for episode 8; so little actually happened, yet it was so awesome! I’m fairly certain this spells the end of the Chinchiro arc too, so we’ll have another game to look forward to soon!

So last episode saw Ohtsuki finally roll the loaded 4-5-6 dice, and Kaiji grab them. Needless to say Ohtsuki and his goons didn’t like that, and made a move to get them back.

At this point another foreman (Odagiri) steps in to act as a neutral party, taking the dice from Kaiji and giving them a look…

His scheme revealed, Ohtsuki is forced to think of an excuse, and fast!

In order to give this some credibility, Ohtsuki points out that his first two rolls were bust, which could not have occurred if he’d used the 4-5-6 dice. Therefore, it’s perfectly believable that between the second and third roll the dice accidentally got switched with his show and tell set. Right? Well, if you say so…

But Kaiji has thought this far ahead, and reveals how he saw through Ohtsuki’s actions. By reading Miyoshi’s notes, he found out Ohtsuki had been winning on his first roll way too often for it to be a coincidence; under normal circumstances it would make sense to use the cheaty dice in the first roll, to avoid a low roll on the normal dice. Even so, this pattern only became noticeable thanks to the notes – since the dice can roll several possible combinations (including the relatively low four, which Kaiji beat twice the first time they played), it is not immediately obvious that there is anything wrong with them (while a set loaded to always roll 4-5-6 would be way too obvious).

He then explained how he knew Ohtsuki was using normal dice the first two times: because the foreman’s eyes were constantly on Kaiji as opposed to the bowl! He was waiting for Kaiji to make a move and humiliate himself, which is exactly why Kaiji didn’t. The relieved faces of the former 45s when he rolled bust were genuine, as Kaiji hadn’t told them anything. By the third roll Ohtsuki had relaxed, thinking that they had no idea how he was cheating, and resumed his usual instinct of watching the bowl instead – from this, Kaiji knew the 4-5-6 were in play!

Ohtsuki has plenty of money. He realizes now that he could have played with normal dice, paid two or three times the wager, and still come out largely unaffected. And under normal circumstances he may have done just that. But Kaiji’s earlier actions (throwing beer in his face, checking his pay in front of him etc) made it personal, and that’s why he felt he had to win. Of course, Kaiji planned that too.

With the crowd getting angrier, and Kaiji’s victory seeming almost certain, Ohtsuki clutches at another straw – Kaiji grabbed the dice before they stopped rolling, therefore he hadn’t actually cheated yet!

The episode ends with Kaiji, the 45s and the crowd forgiving Ohtsuki, due to the great defense he put forward. Okay, that’s another lie. The crowd actually gets very angry and starts throwing things at him. Except for Kaiji, who is perfectly happy to say that didn’t count, and continue with the game. But since Ohtsuki TRIED to cheat (which he couldn’t deny at this point), Kaiji has some conditions. Firstly, instead of rolling again, Ohtsuki must use the minimum roll allowed by his cheaty dice – a four. Secondly, Kaiji and the 45s will roll using their own cheaty dice.

Now for some reason Ohtsuki is relieved at this, and gladly accepts. Rather than being forced to pay it all back, he’d rather take on their 4-5-6 dice. At worst he’ll have to pay double, which he can afford. The problem is, they’re not using 4-5-6 dice, and he was a complete idiot for assuming they were. No, these are Kaiji’s dice:

With these, the 45s can only roll snake-eyes, which pays 5 times the wager. And since Ohtsuki agreed to their terms, foreman Odagiri insists that he pays. Five times 500,000 is 2.5 million, an impressive sum. But Ohtsuki has far more stashed away, and Kaiji isn’t done yet. He calls him up on a rule that Ohtsuki himself used to screw Kaiji over before – the dealer rolls twice per round! And the 45s throw down their full ~3 million. Of course the agreement about the dice still stands, so anything Ohtsuki rolls will fail to beat their straight snake-eyes. Five times 3 million = 15 million… with that, Ohtsuki is finished.

The episode ends before this final round is actually shown to take place, but the dice rolls are a formality by this point. I think it’s safe to assume Kaiji and Co. have won this one.


2 Responses to Kaiji S2 Episode 8

  1. Anonymous says:

    There is still a possibility of Kaiji and those people to lose: If they throw the dice and one or more of them fall out of the bowl. But this is very unlikely. (I have not watched the next episode, so I don’t know what happens.)

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