Summer 2001 Anime Preview!

With the new summer season swiftly approaching, I figured this was the perfect time to ignore all the upcoming shows and instead look back at what anime fans would have been looking forward to this time 10 years ago… from the perspective of one of those people. And since I’ve only actually seen 2 of the 10 series I’ve sampled here, acting ignorant to the fact they’ve already been around for a decade isn’t all that difficult. 😛


Banner of the Stars II 

One of two sequels this season, and the only one I’ll be watching, Banner of the Stars II is the series I’m most looking forward to. Crest/Banner introduced some amazing characters in Lafiel, Jinto and the rest of the cast, and I can’t wait to see how they will develop further. Here’s hoping it will be as awesome as the rest of the franchise so far, and that they follow it up with a Banner of the Stars III!


Captain Kuppa

Wow… aside from the fact it appeals to my environmental side with its post apocalyptic world setting where water is the new gold/oil, this show sounds as though it has a lot more to offer as well: pirates, treasure hunting, robots, explosions… the lot! If this show as awesome as it sounds, no doubt the fansub groups will all be rushing to sub it! I predict that this one should stand the test of time. :mrgreen:


Fruits Basket

Now I’m no expert on shoujo, but I hear the original manga for Fruits Basket is pretty good. Wonder if it’ll ever get licensed here in the West… Anyway, I digress. This show is about a family possessed by the spirits of the Chinese zodiac, and who turn into their respective animals when hugged by a person of the opposite gender. An interesting spin on the usual romantic comedy show, will definitely check it out!


Grappler Baki: Maximum Tournament

This is the other sequel this summer, presumably continuing from where the first season left off just a month ago. While I was definitely intrigued by the fact it was produced by Free-Will, better known as a music record label than as an anime studio, I didn’t watch series 1 so won’t be watching this either. Still, I’m sure it has plenty to offer for those into action-packed shounen anime.


I My Me! Strawberry Eggs 

You have to wonder what was going through their heads when they came up with the title for this series. I My Me? WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN!? This show could be about absolutely anything; apparently it’s actually about a male teacher who cross-dresses to get a job in an all girls school. Okay then… I suppose the one thing the name does achieve is making an otherwise fairly generic-looking series stand out.


Magical Meow Meow Taruto

A show focusing on the daily life of a group of cats, except to the viewer they appear as catgirls/guys. Sounds a lot like the premise for The Star of Cottonland to me, but Taruto offers a twist in that this time the titular kitten also has magical powers! I have a soft spot for catgirls and cute character designs, so will pick this up. TBH only way they could possibly improve this is with yuri… and mechs!


Real Bout High School

The latest offering from relatively new but promising studio GONZO! What is it about high schools that make them such popular settings for action/fighting anime series? Well, I guess there’s the fact that fighting often results in the destruction of clothing (especially in anime), and if there’s one thing more common than high school action series it’s high school ecchi series. Meh, one more couldn’t hurt…



Something about an environmental phenomenon, special powers, typical sci-fi/action fare. BUT OMG NORIO WAKAMOTO IS THE NARRATOR! What do I do? Am I allowed to be obsessed with his voice in 2001? Not even Azumanga Daioh is out yet! I suppose his roles in Cowboy Bebop and Record of Lodoss War are pretty good, but would they stand out if I wasn’t already aware of him..? Oh, the show? Looks cool enough I suppose.


Shaman King

Another shounen offering. With 13 volumes of the manga out already, it could end up being a long runner, so I’ll probably not pick it up just yet. The plus side to that is of course that there’s plenty of material to adapt into anime form, so it shouldn’t have to go into anime-original story for a while. In theory, anyway. Plot-wise it sounds standard, tournament-based spirit battles etc; not a bad thing, but not my thing either.


Super GALS!

Last this season, an adaptation of shoujo manga Gals! Because being animated makes it super, or something. 😛 It focuses on Kogals, a rare species that have been on the decline since the 90’s, and their daily lives in Shibuya. Typical rom-com show, not really my kind of thing, but you never know. If I watch it now, maybe in the future it’ll help me get some sort of ‘badge’ on a website that could be founded somewhen this year!

Well that was fun. I tried to blog Kaiji s2 episode 9 earlier, but my laptop overheated, hence why I decided to do this instead. However, if all goes well I’ll have a new computer from tomorrow onwards, so that’ll no longer be a valid excuse for falling behind!


2 Responses to Summer 2001 Anime Preview!

  1. this was very entertaining 😀 I especially like the part where you drooled over Norio Wakamoto despite it being 2001. 🙂

    • I’m glad he was in S-CRY-ed, otherwise I wouldn’t have had much to say about it. I mean I’ve heard it’s good, but since it supposedly hadn’t aired yet and was anime-original, I had to ignore that. And all that sprang to mind reading the synopsis was ‘meh, generic sci-fi/action’.

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