Kaiji S2 Episode 13

A warning in advance – my birthday is in just over a week, and I have a party planned a couple of days before (because Sunday isn’t ideal for partying, is it?) That, and the first episodes of new summer shows that have already begun to surface might result in delays to the next Kaiji post. Suffice to say I’ll do my best to release it as early as possible. 🙂

After his flash of inspiration in the previous episode, Kaiji ran to tell his partner all about it, but was met with a surprise:

Initially fearing that Sakazaki might have been taken away by Teiai, Kaiji is slightly relieved to find a letter left by the man himself explaining that (after taking out his fury on the porta-bog) his mind was clear, and he had left to risk his remaining money on another gamble. Of course this results in a new problem for Kaiji – he needs that money to carry out his true revenge on the Bog! He figures out from remarks that Sakazaki said earlier that his game of choice will likely be horse racing, but the question is which race? While flailing around on the floor in despair, Kaiji manages to stab himself in the foot with a spiky piece of porta-bog debris…

This causes him to look at the bog fragments properly for the first time… and from that, he works out something that will help get past the machine’s second barrier, the flippers! Which we’ll find out more about in future episodes, as neither he nor the narrator were in the mood for plot revelation today!

Back at the casino, Kaiji stares at the machine for hours again. He ponders how to clear the machine’s third barrier, specifically the third tray – clearly his great revelation in the last episode wasn’t all that great if he still hasn’t figured out the most important part! Behind the scenes, he is being watched on camera by Ichijou, who orders that more hidden cameras be set up, just to be on the safe side.

Two hours of bogwatching didn’t inspire any new ideas, and Kaiji begins to feel as though his luck has run out. But after stopping in a nearby cafe to cool off (it was a very hot day), things begin to look up once again. He overhears a conversation between another customer and the owner, concerning a noisy construction site across the road (exactly how he could hear anything over the noise of said construction site is a wonder). The owner says that the building has been going on for over a year, and when the customer expresses disbelief that it’s still not finished after all this time, the owner whispers something in his ear. While I doubt Kaiji heard that part, he realized something about the building, and was able to confirm whatever this was with one of the builders.

Now that he has more confidence in his plan, Kaiji’s next step is to find Sakazaki before he can spend the remaining 6 million! Looking up information on each race, he spots something that eventually leads him to the right place – a horse with the name Mikoko’s Might! (Mikoko is Sakazaki’s daughter’s name, of course). Arriving just in time to stop the idiot from betting all his money on this one race (good thing too – the horse came last!), Kaiji is able to convince Sakazaki that his plan is a better investment. But both agree that 6 million isn’t going to be enough. They need more money, and more people… which is where Endou comes in.

Yes, Endou.

As mentioned way back in the first episode, Endou has fallen on hard times. He is also in debt, so a win like this would help him greatly. After some discussion with Kaiji, he agrees to help with both the money and the manpower. But his services aren’t cheap. I’ll admit the calculations went over my head a bit, but 30% compound interest on 10 million over 6 days is about all you need to know.

Altogether, Kaiji works out that he’ll owe Endou 130 million. But that isn’t all; Endou also wants half of the ~700 million they would win if Kaiji struck the jackpot. At this point, Sakazaki (who had been hiding and listening in on their conversation) butts in, saying that there’s no way he will agree to that amount. Kaiji eventually calms him down, and the three negotiate further. They settle for a three way split on the winnings. Even with Endou’s fees on top of that, Kaiji stands to make more from this than he would have done as Sakazaki’s accomplice, working for a mere 10% of the winnings. But first, there are preparations to be made before they take on the Bog again… hopefully not too many episodes of preparation!


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