Kaiji S2 Episode 15

My birthday went very well, and sure enough I didn’t get the chance to watch much anime, let alone write about it. I need not have worried about Kaiji though, as episode 14 turned out to be a recap episode that not even the sub group could be bothered releasing. Hence the skip straight to episode 15. While I’m not a fan of recap episodes, I’d actually rather they did that than drag out the final arc of the show for an episode too long, which I’m sure most will agree was the only real flaw in series 1.

The episode began with… well, this:

Yep, it’s round 2 of Sakazaki vs The Bog. I’ll admit to not having a huge knowledge about Buddhism, but he’s wearing some sort of monk uniform and carrying a large holdall with him. The casino staff check him for magnets (which we now know to be little more than a formality), but they have no problems with the bag and its contents – money, and a statue/figure of a Buddha/Bodhisattva (apologies once again for not knowing what the hell I’m talking about). He spends 6 million on balls, and proceeds to lose them very quickly. All while being watched on camera by manager Ichijou.

Ichijou has likely seen many gamblers play over the years (as well as Sakazaki himself of course), so it doesn’t take him long to realize something is wrong. He is convinced that Sakazaki is just playing for show, and has no desire to win. He heads out to watch the man in person, which confirms that something is wrong. However, he chooses not to interfere, letting Sakazaki lose it all. He had just turned around to head back to his office, when things really became serious.

After smashing the glass shell, the flippers and bending many of the pins of the machine, Sakazaki is eventually forced onto the ground by several black suits, all the while screaming to the other gamblers that the casino was a huge con. But not even that was enough to satisfy him – he’s prepared to die, and is set on taking the machine with him!

…at least that’s what it looks like to the black suits and other gamblers. Ichijou, however, still can’t feel any determination from the man, and decides he’s faking it. Why would he do this? To draw their attention. Realizing this, he heads back to his office, where he finds a defeated-looking Kaiji.

Ichijou figures he was looking for the safe, which judging by Kaiji’s reaction he had failed to find. Still, being the overconfident jackass nice guy that he is, he shows Kaiji exactly where it is… but only after demonstrating the complex security system involving voice recognition, fingerprint recognition and a password.

Once this demonstration is over and Sakazaki is brought under control, the manager decides it’s time for their punishment. The black suits proceed to beat up Sakazaki, but Ichijou insists that they not harm Kaiji. Afterall, his body is their property, and he’s worth more to them in good health. But they can’t just let him go either…

It turns out to be a device that sticks needles under your fingernails. Lovely.

After their torture is over and they’ve been thrown out of the casino, Kaiji swears he’ll have his revenge on Ichijou someday. Sooner rather than later mind, he’s not got long left on the surface! Fortunately for him, the casino is able to get replacement parts in and repair The Bog very quickly… I’m sure it would have screwed his plans up big time if they hadn’t!

A few days later (his last day outside actually), Kaiji returns. Despite his earlier trouble making, Ichijou allows him to play whatever game he wants… and of course he chooses The Bog. Ichijou is understandably worried by this, since he knows Kaiji is no idiot, and wouldn’t challenge it a third time without yet another trick up his sleeve. But a few taunts by Kaiji (about how the machine is reputed to be invincible, and how Ichijou is scared to take risks, stuff like that) convince him to let them try again. Will he be able to win with only 7 hours of freedom remaining?


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