Kaiji S2 Episode 17

This will be a short post, as this episode was largely filler to help pad the series out to 24-26 episodes or however long it’s going to be. It wasn’t bad filler, focusing on side characters who all have some involvement in Kaiji’s Epic Gamble, but it isn’t the plot development and great revelation of strategies I was hoping for.

Firstly, I’ll focus on the little that did take place in the casino itself. The flipper block is activated and the right windmill no longer spins, so there doesn’t seem to be any way of getting to the jackpot zone (I’m assuming the machine is built in a way that means going in from the left doesn’t work, though if it does then no doubt that windmill will have been jammed as well). Kaiji’s first 10 million (one fifth of his total cash) runs out, but he continues to play, insisting on sending his balls straight down the middle and onto the unrelenting flippers.

The crowd begin to mutter about how the machine is obviously rigged, and that he’s wasting his money, but it doesn’t go beyond that – none of them care enough to make a big scene. Even if they did, there’s not as many of them as there would be at night, so they wouldn’t be much of a threat (of course, waiting until evening was never an option for Kaiji, who runs out of time at 4 PM). Therefore, Ichijou keeps the block in place, Kaiji loses more money, and the crowd eventually diminishes to just Sakazaki, Endou and three others. Meanwhile, a group from Teiai arrives ready to take Kaiji away once his time runs out…

The rest of the 20 minute episode looked at those still in the underground, who were given a rare break and early lunch to watch Kaiji’s performance on TV! Having not heard from him in weeks, they had begun to worry he would either just save himself, or live in luxury for a few weeks and go out with a bang before returning there. But seeing for themselves that Kaiji has not given up on them brings them to manly tears, and they begin to chant his name, almost in prayer.

While they watch Kaiji, the president of Teiai, Kazutaka Hyodo, watches them watching Kaiji…

Hyodo, being the awesomely sadistic guy he is, receives a great amount of pleasure from watching them hope and pray, knowing that they are completely powerless. On another screen he watches Kaiji fruitlessly struggle, one hundret percent sure that The Bog won’t pay out. He also insists that his black suits pay close attention, as they could well end up in a similar situation one day…

And that’s pretty much it for this week. If all goes well then I’ll be able to post my thoughts on the new season tomorrow (which I can’t do until I have the third episode of Dantalian no Shoka). Hopefully that’ll increase my blog views enough to match the last couple of months…


2 Responses to Kaiji S2 Episode 17

  1. Envy says:

    Its not filler it was in the Manga Hyodo and the people underground were focused on

    • I haven’t read the manga, but I didn’t mean ‘filler’ in that way anyhow. I use it as a general term for any episode which doesn’t further the plot. Nice to know they’re not going anime-original on us though. 🙂

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