Summer 2011 Anime (Part 1)

Okay, here’s my thoughts on the new season’s anime! Format is largely the same as my Spring post, as it wouldn’t hurt to have some sort of consistent layout for these things; however, there are two differences. Firstly, I’ll add links to synopses so people unfamiliar with these series can know what the hell I’m on about (info is often scarce for new series, so I’ll use whatever site has the most info). Second, whereas everything I watched in March finished in time for Spring, allowing me to pick up a full range of new series, this time there are some shows carrying over from last season. I’m including them as they’re still summer series, even if they sprouted a bit earlier than the rest. Not only will that let me update my thoughts on them (some of which have changed in 12 episodes, others not so much), it also makes it much easier to rank them in my end of season post! To make it easier to distinguish them, the title of any series that didn’t begin this season will be coloured silver.

NOTE: Due to its slow release (two new eps since last season), I will not be including Hyouge Mono in my list. 😦

17: Yuru Yuri (ANN)

It may be the lowest rated, but I still wouldn’t call it bad. Though I do have a high tolerance for the generic… which is what this type of series has quickly become. It is pretty much K-ON! without the music and shiny animation (though Doga Kobo’s soft pastel colours have their own charm). Not as funny as KyoAni’s latest series either.

Main strength: Catchy OP~

Main weakness: Generic formula that’s been done better before.

16: Uta no Prince-sama: Maji Love 1000% (MAL)

I’ll hold up my hand now and admit that this is rated so low largely due to personal preference. I am not the target audience. So what made me pick it up? The series’ main strength should give you a clue, but as well as that the animation and music are pretty decent, and the characters likable.


Main weakness: The fact I’m not a fangirl… except when it comes to Wakamoto.

15: Mayo Chiki! (MAL)

I would love to be able to rate this higher, as unlike Yuru Yuri it can be hilarious at times… but no, when I look at every other series objectively, this is easily the most generic. Good scripting, better-than-average animation and high energy make it great fun to watch though. 🙂

Main strength: TRAPS!

Main weakness: I’ve seen most of it before… maybe not done quite so well as in Mayo Chiki, but it’s still the high end of generic.

14: Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu 2 (AniDB)

If this was a regular high school comedy show, maybe I’d rate it higher, because if Mayo Chiki is ‘high end generic’, Baka-Test 2 surpasses generic altogether on account of it’s amazing cast and production values… but come on now, it was the summoning spirit battles that first attracted me to the series… what the frak happened to them?

Main strength: If it was done right, everything, but…

Main weakness: The creators seem to have forgotten what the show is about… unless it’s just me?

13: Toriko (ANN)

The first silver title! My main issue with Toriko before was that it got off to a slow start with the One Piece crossover and remake of ufotable’s TV special. Now it’s gotten going, Toriko is amusing enough with a crazy setting and overpowered characters, but the arcs are still short and the enemies quickly beaten. Still needs more time to develop.

Main strength: Still the concept of an entire world revolving around delicious food (even moreso than ours, that is)

Main weakness: It hasn’t reached One Piece levels of awesome yet… but neither had One Piece after 17 episodes!

12: Tiger & Bunny (A-P)

Tiger & Bunny has it’s ups and downs. Many of the good parts (the mid series peak, Tiger’s character etc) are so good I feel this should be in my top 10 as I did last time, but the bad parts (very dodgy CGI, Barnaby, some weaker episodes) hold me back from doing so.

Main strength: The plot – when they stick to it.

Main weakness: The animation just looks clumsy, spoiling what could have been some great action scenes.

11: Kamisama no Memo-chou (ANN)

I’ve grown tired of J.C.Staff recently, as 90% of their series seem to involve Rie Kugimiya voicing a loli tsundere. I’d hoped this series would redeem them in my eyes… well, it has a loli who’s slightly tsundere, but at least the voice is different. Largely undecided on this one, but it does have promise.

Main strength: The animation is amazing.

Main weakness: Still feels like a safe, bordering on generic show from a studio who’ve produced great things in the past…

10: Kamisama Dolls (ANN)

Yes, I’ve been confusing this one with Kami Memo for the best part of the season. Fairly certain I’ve got them right this time though… At the moment Dolls has the better plot of the two, but has suffered from the fact Brains Base produced three anime this season, and this one seems to have received the least budget.

Main strength: A lot of action in the first episodes makes it seem promising.

Main weakness: Poor animation from Brains Base… not quite Akikan-poor, but getting there.

9: Ikoku Meiro no Croisée (ANN)

This series is almost too cute! While Yune isn’t the most interesting character ever, her reactions to 19th century Paris and the reactions of other (particularly Claude) to her give it a nice feel. Meh, I just love the setting in general. Animation by Satelight is difficult to fault.

Main strength: A real French guy doing the narration! (Well, Canadian-French at any rate).

Main weakness: If it doesn’t develop beyond ‘cute’, it could fall in my ratings as the plots for other series get going.

That’s all for now, should have my Top 8 up tomorrow!

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