Kaiji S2 Episode 20

Just a heads up – this could be the last Kaiji post I make until next month, as I’m off to Reading to stay with my grandparents in a week. And after I return, while I’ve no doubt I’ll be able to find the free time to watch a few 20 minute episodes and write a few hundred words on them, my dissertation will take priority from September through to November, which could also slow things down. To anyone who followed my poor attempt at the weekly blogging of Shukufuku no Campanella, long delays won’t be anything new, but I feel I’ve done a good job of Kaiji up to now, and will try my best to keep it up. 🙂

Previously, it was revealed that Kaiji went as far as to tilt the entire casino building in order to counteract The Bog’s own three-way tilt in the opposite direction. This makes it hard to get balls into the third tray, but easier for the few that do make it there to win. Ichijou’s first response to this is to increase The Bog’s forward tilt to the maximum (+10 on all three settings), but the balls still roll towards the back of the machine – clearly Kaiji’s tilt is still the greater of the two. Ichijou is quick to come up with another idea though… and adjusts the settings so that the machine also tilts backwards! The result of this is that the first two trays are even harder to pass, but the third – supposedly the last hurdle before the jackpot – is wide open. While this may buy him some time, Ichijou has too much at stake to rely on just the two trays, so decides to try yet another dirty trick.

Unfortunately for him, nobody can quite remember what they did with the device he wants… since it turned out to be such a failure and wasn’t expected to be used anytime soon, it has no doubt been gathering dust in some corner of the building. While his lackeys search every nook and cranny of the offices, Ichijou looks on at Kaiji’s continuing battle, praying that the double tilt is enough, and thinking back over all the things he’s had to put up with to get this far in life. With not much else going on, seems like a good time for flashbacks!

The main point of all this is that when IF Hyoudo dies, Kurosaki is expected to inherit everything. And since Teiai’s No.2 thinks highly of Ichijou, he would likely rise even further. Of course, losing to Kaiji now while the unforgiving Hyoudo is totally in control would put an end to his ambitions.

Back in the present, the double tilt is holding Kaiji at the first and second tray. But while this other trap may have been too obvious whilst in action, the casino workers are having no luck finding it. The manager is powerless to do anything besides order them to hurry up their search, and descends back into his memories, this time thinking about all the people who laughed at him in the past, and how he’d show them what true success looks like…

Ichijou continues his internal monologue, going on about Hyoudo’s plan to build a nuke-proof underground kingdom, open to only a chosen few. He imagines himself turning away the same people who made fun of him, refusing to let them in no matter how much they plead, fully convinced that only Hyoudo’s way will offer a person both wealth and security. But he’ll only get a chance at such a life if he beats Kaiji.

Things aren’t looking bad for Ichijou on that front, however: Kaiji is down to his final 10 million. He was only half way through the previous 10 million when the manager put the double tilt into place, and no balls made it to the third tray in that time. At this point time speeds up, and within about 4 minutes Kaiji is down to just 2 million worth of balls! That’s 500, by the way. Now those odds sound more fitting for the (presumably) fast approaching end of an epic arc! Looking forward to seeing what this last trap Ichijou has in mind will involve, though!


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