Kaiji S2 Episode 25

Nope, my internet held up after all. Barely. Wouldn’t call an average speed of 20 kb/s fast or anything, nor is it stable since it varies from 400 to zero kb/s, but it is usable. Barely. Anyway, the end of the series is swiftly approaching. I don’t have any specific plans for what to blog (if anything) after Kaiji 2, but the next season looks like it has plenty of potential, so we’ll see…

Previously, Kaiji ran out of balls for the second time, the money he borrowed from Endou completely gone. He seemed to break down or pass out or something for a brief moment, as you’d expect after such a near miss with so much at stake. But in this episode, as the black suits approach to take him away, he recovers (if you can really call it that) enough to start desperately negotiating with Ichijou again. This time, he pulls his ’emergency stash’ of money out from under his shirt – a total of 720,000 yen. He asks for this money to be exchanged for balls so that he can continue, but Ichijou is having none of it:

His money isn’t enough to keep playing, and the black suits finally start to drag him away, but even now he desperately clutches at straws, shouting at the onlooking crowd, asking them to lend him money. Now fully confident (but still slightly manic), Ichijou taunts and kicks Kaiji, telling him there’s no way anyone will lend him money. Unfortunately for him, that isn’t quite true…

Sakazaki returns with another 20 million for Kaiji’s gamble; obviously it isn’t his money, he ‘borrowed’ it from the safe of the company where he works as a security guard. But paying that back along with their other debts isn’t unfeasible if they can hit the jackpot, and with so many balls collecting in the third tray, that really is only a matter of time.

Of course, this time is dragged out in the usual fashion: epic narration, shots of the crowds shouting their support both in the casino and the underground, and some awesome similies.

Back in the real world, however, it’s Ichijou’s turn to negotiate.

Unsurprisingly, Kaiji is no longer in any mood for making a deal with him, and Endou restrains the desperate manager so that Kaiji can continue his challenge in peace. Before long, the third tray is so full that there is nowhere else for balls to go BUT into the winning hole. Around the same time, The Bog begins to make strange noises, as if in pain…

Eventually, several balls are knocked into the hole at once – ironic since they couldn’t even manage a single one before this moment, but it made it feel more realistic. 😛 A long, incredulous silence followed. Then, the crowd cheers and Sakazaki and Endou hug, while both Kaiji and Ichijou sit there crying… for completely different reasons, of course!

After an even longer silence, The Bog itself starts to light up and make noise. If that wasn’t a clear enough sign that they had indeed won, the machine then starts spitting out all the balls.

But just when the episode seemed to be building up to what passes for a happy ending in the world of Kaiji, the ending credits roll, and we get to see what Hyoudou is making of Kaiji’s victory…

And with that, any worries that the final episode will be anticlimactic now that The Bog is beaten have vanished.


3 Responses to Kaiji S2 Episode 25

  1. Clinton says:

    Why do you say that Kaiji is not out of trouble. Hyoudo is talking about Ichijou. Kaiji has enough money to pay off his debts so Hyoudo can’t do anything to him.

    • Glad someone asked, as I wasn’t sure. While it would certainly make more sense for Ichijou to be in trouble since Hyoudou had already warned him, Kaiji’s face was on the monitor the whole time he was raging, and the focus kept switching to that same monitor. I figured the old man was making up debts in his anger, and there was nothing there to make me think otherwise, no mention of Ichijou’s name specifically (unless it was unsubbed and I didn’t catch it), no flash back to him etc. Wouldn’t go as far as to say Hyoudou “can’t do anything” to Kaiji either – I get the feeling he could do whatever he wants!

      While I don’t doubt you for a second, this blog is all about my understanding and interpretations of shows as I watch them. If I’ve made a genuine mistake such as the wrong conversion of yen to pachinko balls like I did last week, I’ll correct it in that post, but at the time of writing I had no reason to believe those comments weren’t aimed at Kaiji, so if I am wrong I’ll mention it in the next post once it becomes clear that they weren’t. 🙂

  2. Clinton says:

    Well Kaiji won the video cammras were on kaiji and the bog. He was talking about Kaiji until he started talkin about Ichijou.

    Here is what he said I never should have put my faith in that (some name refering to Ichijou) the only place left to him is the underground. Then everything happened. Anyway the next episode should still be good and non anticlamitic.

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