Mirai Nikki Episode 2

Moving swiftly onward to episode 2… though not quite as fast as this show’s pacing, as first I have to avoid sticking spoilers all over my Facebook wall, which I’ll do by using the start of this post to rave about the awesome OP by Yousei Teikoku. I was just beginning to think this season was lacking in good themes, then this comes along and makes everything better. 😛

The episode begins with Yukiteru sitting on his bed, unable to sleep. Probably due in part to the fact that he killed a man earlier that day, and learned that he’s involved in a deadly survival game, but mostly because his phone keeps receiving emails from Yuno every couple of minutes.

Under normal circumstances you’d want to stay as far away from such a person as possible. However, these aren’t normal circumstances, and Yuki isn’t your usual stupidly brave shounen hero. As much as Yuno unnerves him, he finds himself wanting to approach her for help and support. But by the time he finally plucks up the courage to do so, its time for PE class and she needs to get changed, but she promises to make time for him later.

No sooner has she left the classroom, another girl walks in:

The conversation starts off normally enough; she claims to be looking for Yuki’s form tutor, Hiyama-sensei, who is absent that day. But things get worrying once she shares a few rumours with him – she’s heard that Hiyama is in fact the street killer, and that he’s dead. She also knows that Yuki’s grades have improved a lot. She goes on to give an account of how the street killer died, using terms like Third and Future Diary by this point… and once the poor boy is sufficiently scared, she reveals that she knows he is First. Cue static sound from Yuki’s phone, a sign that his future has just changed:

Prior to this, Yuno had already received warning that something bad was about to happen to her precious Yukkii, and rushes to his rescue, armed with a fire extinguisher. The Ninth diary owner (as the above entries reveal her to be) dodges her attack, however, and after a quick introduction exits the building via a nearby window.

Then, the explosions start. Several occupied classrooms are destroyed without warning, and Yuki + Yuno barely avoid the blasts themselves. According to Yuki’s diary, he now has three hours until Dead End. But Yuno, ever calm in these kinds of situation, reassures him once again.

Realizing that Yuno will do anything for him, Yuki decides that using her is definitely his safest bet against the far more imminent danger of being blown up by Ninth, who by now is announcing her presence to the whole school.

She explains to the occupants of the school (now all hostages) that there are motion sensors all over the building, and orders them to stay in their classrooms. Meanwhile, our main characters are stuck in the hallway of another part of the building, staying low and using Yuki’s diary and Yuno’s quick thinking to avoid bombs. However, the entries in his diary change frequently as Ninth makes moves to try and kill them, setting off explosions all around them.

One blast knocks Yuki flying, and while he isn’t injured badly, a worried Yuno tells him he should pay attention to what his diary says about himself as well as just looking up the location of the bombs. At this point, the major flaw in his detailed and frequently updated diary is revealed: he’s an observer, who only writes about what he sees… but never writes about himself. Luckily, Yuno has that aspect covered, since she’s been observing him and only him for quite some time… It becomes clearer than ever that (as far as Yuki’s survival is concerned, at least) the two have the potential to be an unbeatable team. And Yuno is perfectly happy with this arrangement.

Despite the fact he planned to do just that earlier on in the episode, Yuki now feels bad. He confesses that he is lonely being a bystander, that he wants to get along with people, but is too scared to make such moves. Yuno tells him it isn’t too late, and that they should head towards the building where all the surviving teachers and pupils are waiting, as they are all his friends really. But while she says this to reassure him, the obviously intelligent girl is trying to work out why they aren’t already dead – Ninth could have just blown up the whole building at once, after all.

Outside the school grounds, the police have arrived at the scene. Two detectives have a conversation, where we learn two important things: firstly that Uryuu Minene is a known terrorist (making the whole bomb situation a bit more believable), and secondly that the bombs all set to detonate at once if she is killed. How do they know this last fact? Because one of the detective’s phone diary told him so…

Back inside, Yuno is increasingly worried that things are going too well. The explosions have stopped, and Yuki’s future shows no sign of changing. To make things even better, they even meet up with some boys from their class! In the hall… where there should be motion sensors… Before she can warn Yuki, they are both captured by their own classmates, as Ninth has promised not to hurt anyone else if they turn him over to her. Which they proceed to do.

Yuno has also been restrained, but since Ninth either doesn’t know or doesn’t care that she has a diary too, she is taken to the room with the other hostages, and the motion sensors are reactivated. Angry at her classmate’s betrayal, and the fact she told Yuki he could trust them (which in her mind is the equivalent to lying to him), she fights her way out of the classroom and runs down the hallway at a greater speed than the motion sensors and explosions can stop her, leaving a trail of destruction in her wake.

Ninth looks on in disbelief as rooms start to explode one after another. Yuki bends over in despair at all the death and destruction she’s causing for his sake. Apparently this doesn’t change anything, though, since all the bombs were planned to go off in another 10 minutes anyway. A time which coincides with Yuki’s still present Dead End flag. As Minene informs him of all this, the usual wide eyes and small irises make an appearance, a sure sign of mania in anime.

This guy is Fourth, and it turns out that HE is Minene’s intended target – Yuki was simply an excuse to draw him out, though if she could kill them both at the same time then all the better. Fourth knows all this thanks to his diary, which provides him with the details of crimes before they happen. He also states that he has no plans to become god, and that he’s only here to do his job, take out the terrorist and rescue the hostages. Unfortunately, Ninth is able to use his sense of justice against him, by threatening to blow up the school unless Fourth kills Yuki and then himself. Seeing this option as best due to the lower number of casualties, Fourth agrees.

With a gun pointed at his face, rather than freak out as he’s been doing up until now, Yuki sees this as his one chance to be useful.

Yuno would never allow that to happen, of course. She jumps from a window, fighting and temporarily distracting Minene. Now that the situation has changed yet again, Fourth tells Yuki to make a difference, and kill the terrorist himself.

The ground between Yuki and Minene is rigged with mines, but Yuno shouts out their locations to him (at which point it becomes apparent that Minene had no idea she was also a diary owner). Minene’s attempt to stop Yuno is slowed down by Fourth, who shoots a few more warning bullets in her direction, but eventually he runs out, Yuno is incapacitated, and Yuki is left on his own.

Or not. While he dashes bravely forward, the pupils and teachers in the school building barrage Minene with whatever they can throw. When she finally manages to set off the mines manually, it’s too late. Yuki has left the danger zone, and the blast only serves to throw him towards her with more momentum. As he approaches, he takes out one of his trusty darts, and attempts to repeat his earlier success against Third by stabbing her phone.

Yuki stabs her in the eye (OUCH), Yuno takes the detonator switch from her while she writhes in pain, and Fourth approaches asking her to surrender. At which point, things get awesome. Ridiculous, but awesome.

Apparently, her Future Diary is the Escape Diary, which I’m assuming tells her when/where/how to best flee a scene if things go bad. No doubt we’ll find out more about that in later episodes…

The main part of this episode ends with Yuki, Yuno and Fourth (if they’ve revealed his real name by this point, I’ve clearly missed it) agreeing to team up and form the ‘Future Diary Alliance’. Makes sense, with Yuki being the most likely target for attacks thanks to Deus bigging up his achievements, Yuno being able to predict what form these attacks will take, and Fourth just wanting to put an end to this dangerous game.

Like last time, the main episode is followed by Murmur-sensei’s omake (according to the sub group, Murmur is her correct name). While the last one was mostly humour, this week it looks into some of the events going on in the plot behind the scenes, things that couldn’t be explained in the episode itself, presumably as it would screw up the pacing. Stuff like how Fourth and Ninth tracked Yuki down in the first place – they were investigating Third (as Minene hinted at earlier), and found Yuki from there. Minene herself showed up at the scene of one of Third’s murders in the first episode, while detectives working for Fourth questioned Yuki in the same episode because he was a student in the prime suspect’s form class. All very cleverly done, and I’m embarrased to admit I’d have probably forgotten or overlooked both if it weren’t for Murmur’s helpful explanations.

A bit shorter this time at 1,750 words… I’ll keep working on being concise. 😛


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