Mirai Nikki Episode 3

Four weeks into the Autumn season already! My early impressions won’t be up for at least another week though, with Last Exile lagging behind the rest.

Any fears that episode 3 of Mirai Nikki would lead to another essay were soon diminished, as the pacing slowed down considerably. Of course, that doesn’t mean that nothing happened…

Last time, Yuki and Yuno teamed up with Fourth (real name = Kurusu Keigo). Their goal is to find the other diary owners and (hopefully) prevent further bloodshed. Keigo emphasizes that capturing Ninth, Uryuu Minene, is their number one priority, since she’s the only hostile participant they’ve currently identified. The question is, how are they going to lure her out?

So Yuki and Yuno go on a date in a theme park, to act as bait. To Yuki, this all feels like a waste of time; however, he decides to take this opportunity to ask his companion an important question: ‘why the hell are you stalking me!?’ At least that’s what he’d like to ask, except she keeps dragging him from one ride or attraction to another, not giving him much of an opening (and he’s pretty socially awkward to begin with).

Elsewhere, Minene has more pressing issues to deal with than chasing them. Earlier on, we were given a sneak peak into her childhood, which involved lots of explosions and (presumably) the death of her parents. In the present, she is hiding out in a building, police conducting searches for her all over the place, still in pain from losing her eye, and seemingly plagued by flashbacks of her past. Nevertheless, she is determined to survive and win.

After a quick change of clothes she leaves the building, using her Escape Diary to predict the movement of the police and thus avoid detection. Which goes well… until her future changes suddenly and she is spotted by two officers. As we already know, only diary owners can interfere with each others futures… the identity of this lurking, shadowy figure remains a secret, for now at least.

Back at the theme park, Yuno continues to make it hard for Yuki to ask his question. But after seeing her frightened in the haunted house, and embarrassed after a wardrobe malfunction in the swimming pool (both of which involved her pressing her body firmly against his), he begins to think that maybe she’s not such a bad person after all.

Once Yuki is resuscitated, Yuno suggests they visit the planetarium. But while Yuki has been complaining all day about Yuno’s desire to try out all the scary attractions, he outright refuses to approach this harmless one… With the sun beginning to set, the two end up on the ferris wheel instead. Finally, Yuki gets the chance to ask Yuno why she’s chasing him. She responds with another question, asking him why he avoided the planetarium. While she seemed at first to be dodging the question, it turns out that these two things are actually related!

A year previously, when filling in those forms where you write down your plans for the future, both of them were struggling to decide what to write (I’m nearly twice their age and wouldn’t know either). Yuki writes that he wants to see the stars with his family, but with his parents recently divorced this is unlikely to happen. Embarrassed with his answer, Yuki attempts to erase it, but Yuno stops him, offering to visit the local observatory with him instead. When he refuses, saying that she isn’t family, she writes on her own form that she’ll become his bride.

Yuki, understandably, thought this discussion was nothing more than a joke. Back in the present, he can’t believe that this is the sole reason behind her obsession, but if she does indeed have another reason, she’s not revealing anything this time.

It is now late, and the two leave, stopping off at a convenience store along the way to avoid the rain. Yuno buys an umbrella, which the two share – pretty romantic in Japan, I hear – then they head to her house (passing a load of police, still hunting for Minene). Yuki’s plan was to walk Yuno back, then head home himself, but instead she invites him in. With things having gone so well earlier in the day, he agrees.

Outside, Minene is still evading the police… just about. For some reason, her diary’s escape plans aren’t quite going according to… plan, and by now she can barely move (presumably as a result of her injuries and/or sheer exhaustion). At this point, a young man approaches her, his face obscured by shadows. He claims he’s here to save her, and helps her to her feet despite her protests, reminding her that she doesn’t have much choice given the circumstances.

Back at Yuno’s house, it is just as dark as the scene above, since she doesn’t have electricity at the moment – Yuki seems fine with this, however. After Yuno leaves the room to peel an apple (odd scenario, but whatever), nature calls and Yuki searches for the toilet.

In a wooden house surrounded by forest, Minene awakes to find herself in a bed, while her ‘rescuer’ has switched to other means of hiding his identity… He describes himself as a ‘Hero of Justice’, claiming to have saved her to satisfy his own definition of the word. Upon finding that she still has her phone, Minene relaxes a bit.

Yuno’s house: Yuki puts his diary’s randomness to good use in finding the location of the toilet, but is distracted by another entry which merely notes the presence of a ‘weird room’ in the middle of the corridor.

Bagface’s house: Minene falls out of bed after taking a ‘pain killer’ from her ‘savior’… not a smart move, but her diary didn’t warn her of any danger. She is now unable to move, and Bagface reveals that he knows both her real name and that she’s Ninth… confirming that he too is part of this game. With a countdown from three and a click of his fingers, things start to get very weird, as it becomes apparent that the ‘phone’ Minene is holding is in fact a scrap of wood, and her captor is… well, this guy.

He then proceeds to do bad stuff with her already ruined left eye. So, what to make of this guy? Seems to have an understanding of hypnosis (if only with the use of drugs), and obviously as psychotic as Third and Ninth herself, if not moreso. Methinks he’ll be another fun character… For now though, his role in the episode has ended, and we can stop jumping back and forth…

Yuki knows that the weird room isn’t currently part of his future, since his diary makes no mention of it aside from that it looks strange. But simply the knowledge that opening it may change his future leaves the boy unable to resist…

This shocking discovery has huge impacts on the futures of all participants, as purple light emerges from the phones of even those yet to be properly introduced. Even Deus is affected, as the ceiling crumbles around his throne room, and Murmur is left trying to dodge falling debris.

Yuki freezes… and Yuno appears behind him.

Her phone’s entry is the last to change, her Happy End presumably disappearing. Yuki runs from the place as fast as he can, back to the safety of his own home… but Yuno can’t let him go without saying goodnight through his letterbox…


2 Responses to Mirai Nikki Episode 3

  1. zammael says:

    After the events of the second episode I was worried that the show wouldn’t let Yuno go full Yandere after that scary image at the end of the first episode. It seemed to take a step back and let her appear normal. Now all is right with the world!

    I’m mighty tempted to sneak a peek into the manga to spoil myself but I shall hold firm and distract myself with anything else! While I do read the manga right after I watch the show, but only up to the last scene of the anime. Since the anime actually follows the manga quite reasonably, it’s safe to use it as a baseline. Moreover, a couple of spots are explained better in the manga which adds to the viewing experience. (such as Yuno’s ambiguous reaction to kissing Yukki in episode two, and the manga’s inner monologue clarifies that)

    • I agree with you about Yandere Yuno, I was worried that she’d only show her crazy side whenever Yuki was under threat. Now, I imagine she’ll be showing a lot more of it!

      As for the manga, I *nearly* went and bought it a while ago when Tokyopop picked it up… good thing I didn’t, otherwise that’d be another incomplete manga series on my shelf thanks to them going bust. 😛 I’ll read it eventually, whether it gets re-licensed or whether I have to go with scanlations, but I’ll hold off for now. I speak to a lot of people who’re only watching the anime, and I wouldn’t want to get ahead of them in the plot. Whereas if I tried what you’re doing and only read up to the latest anime episode… I probably wouldn’t be able to stop myself continuing further.

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