Mirai Nikki Episode 4

Late, I know. But hey, its probably still Wednesday somewhere in the world… right? Okay, that’s also a lie, its more likely to be Saturday. Meh, stuff happened, and is likely to happen again the week after next when (hopefully) I’ll finally be handing in my dissertation. For now though, here’s episode 4:

Before the OP, Yuki is sitting on his bed in the darkness, having recently fled from Yuno’s house. Understandably, he’s a bit freaked out by what he saw there, and decides to phone Detective Kurusu. Unfortunately for him, Yuno knows what he plans to do, and bombards him with emails…

The next morning, Yuki awakens to the sound of the doorbell ringing and his phone vibrating. Nice to know he got some sleep, at least. 😛 Kurusu is waiting outside his house, and tells him off for not contacting him when he left Yuno’s place. Yuki thinks that this is the perfect chance to let the detective know what happened the night before, but before he can even begin to speak, Yuno emerges from Kurusu’s car and cuts him off.

Scared to push the matter in the presence of Yuno herself, Yuki shuts up and gets in the car (at the front though, avoiding sitting next to Yuno). They’re not going to spend another day messing around in theme parks to bait Minene this time though, as word has already reached Kurusu (via his diary) that she has been caught… not by the police, but by a cult called The Sacred Eye, so he needs their help in investigating the matter. As if this series wasn’t weird enough already, now there’s a cult involved! This explains the eye-like mask and weird behavior of the guy introduced in episode 3… is what I thought to myself, but as usual it turns out there’s more to the plot than meets the… eye….

At the cult’s shrine/temple/whatever, the three diary owners are invited to see The Sacred Eye… who turned out not to be the guy from ep 3, but YET ANOTHER diary owner!

Before Yuki and Co. appear before her, she comments on how he seems cute, as well as monologuing about him being the first diary owner – clearly she has some info on him already… This is further hinted at by her less than positive initial reaction to the *seemingly* harmless Yuno.

Despite this seemingly all-seeing ability of hers, Tsubaki’s own eyesight is in fact revealed to be quite bad, hence why she’s confined herself to living in a single room. What, has she never heard of laser eye surgery? Perhaps a pair of specs, a white cane and/or a guide dog? ANYWAY… she explains to the three that her hobby is to write down the stories of those who visit her on a large scroll…

Upon hearing that she is a diary owner, Yuki cowers uselessly behind Detective Kurusu. Poor guy has been through a lot, after all. Tsubaki laughs, however, and reveals that since she is a messenger of god, she has no intention of becoming god herself. She then tells them that Minene is in their dungeon (I shudder to think why they needed one of those before the survival game started), and that they’re welcome to take her. Kurusu suspects that this is too good to be true, and after pressing her to reveal her true intentions, she shows them the end of her diary:

Since Yuki has now survived two Dead Ends, its only natural that Tsubaki would want someone with experience like his to help her out. Therefore, she proposes to hand over Minene in exchange for Yuki staying with her…

Tsubaki and Yuno’s wishes aside, Kurusu fears that the situation may become difficult if Tsubaki dies while Minene is still in her custody. But at the end of the day, the decision lies with Yukiteru himself. With all three pushing him for an answer, he begins to cry uselessly again, before settling on the compromise of staying there for a single night.

Later in the evening, Tsubaki warns Yuki that Yuno will bring about his doom – something she claims to be women’s intuition as opposed to a concrete diary prediction. This badmouthing doesn’t go unnoticed by Yuno herself, however, thanks to her diary’s 10 minute updates on Yuki’s activities…

Moments later, Yuki’s diary entries change again, and a fire starts in Tsubaki’s room/cell! Members of the cult run around trying to help put out the fire… at least they seem to be at first, but one of them throws petrol on the fire instead of water, and before long they’re attacking each other with axes! With this carnage going on all around, Yuki proves once again that he can be brave when the situation calls for it, and moves to rescue Tsubaki himself… only to be stopped by Yuno.

Yuno tells him to leave and go home with her, at which point Yuki does the stupidest thing you could do in a situation like this: upset her. He says he can no longer trust her, fearing he’ll end up as just another body in her collection. She is stunned into silence by this, and Yuki takes the opportunity to force his way into Tsubaki’s cell. But the moment he enters, sprinklers on the ceiling activate and put out the fire. According to Yuki’s diary, these were activated by Kurusu, having been disabled beforehand by someone else…

After this distraction, Yuki approaches Tsubaki to see if she is alright. But before she answers him, she gives an order to all her followers:

The surviving followers stop killing each other at this command, and look puzzled, as if they’ve no idea what they’ve been doing. Tsubaki believes that someone else has been controlling them via hypnosis… I wonder who it could be?

The scene then changes to the dungeon where Minene is being held, with the eye guy from episode 3 watching over her. He likes to talk. Some of what he says seems logical – he warns Minene not to escape, saying that the Sacred Eye’s all seeing clairvoyance is the perfect weapon against her Escape Diary, and he compares this weakness to Rock Paper Scissors… suggesting that each diary has its strengths and weaknesses.

In Tsubaki’s room (I’ll say room now, because ^THAT is a cell), Yuki’s attempts to contact Kurusu are unsuccessful. Tsubaki believes that the enemy is close, and so it is time to see first hand how her diary works! It contains predictions of the future received from thousands of different followers of the cult… damn, that’s useful. Reading from the diary using a magnifying glass, she learns the whereabouts of an intruder… and another, and another… before long, the diary is full of reports of strangers sighted in the area, and it becomes clear that more of her followers are under hypnosis.

In the dungeons, eye-guy continues his Janken monologue, revealing that he’s the hypnotist and that internal sabotage is the scissors to Tsubaki’s paper, so to speak. But then, his discussion takes an unexpected turn:

Since consulting Tsubaki’s diary is now pointless, and since Yuno is waiting impatiently… with an axe… Yuki and Tsubaki join her outside the room. But the two are becoming too close for Yuno’s liking, so she tells Tsubaki that she doesn’t need the boy anymore, since she’s going to die whatever happens. At this point, their three diaries begin to change, and Yuki ends up with yet another Dead End flag!

In the dungeon, eye-guy has broken out into a full transformation song, as he (manually, without any special effects) changes into his creepy eye costume.

He claims to be able to hear what’s going on upstairs, while Minene can hear nothing. This exceptional sense of hearing, coupled with his bad dress sense and the fact that his mask can’t be easy to see through, leads her to the realization that eye-guy (who she calls Twelfth, I think for the first time) is blind. She questions him, asking what the cult has done to make him their enemy. He responds simply that justice is always triumphant, that losers are evil, and that nobody can stop him. Minene is not convinced, however, and warns him that Yuno is not to be underestimated…

Yuno lives up to her expectations. While the others look around for signs of an approaching enemy, Yuno begins to attack the ‘corpses’ left all over the place following the earlier massacre. It seems they’re still alive, but under hypnosis to play dead until this time. Thanks to his super hearing, Twelfth knows immediately that his plan has been foiled, and seems worried for the first time, while Minene finds the whole situation maniacally amusing.

Upstairs, the axe-wielding Yuno presents Yuki with a choice: go with her and live, or stick with Tsubaki and die… and Mirai Nikki ends there for another week.

I say week… hopefully my next post will be up within 24 hours of ep 5 being subbed, so it shouldn’t be that long! 😛


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  1. zammael says:

    I caught episode 05 4 hours ago, so the clock is ticking! :p

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