Mirai Nikki Episode 6

This blog has received as many views in the first half of November as it did over the whole of September! I assume this is due to Mirai Nikki’s popularity when compared to my earlier series choices (though Kaiji and Shukufuku no Campanella still bring a hit or two every day). We’re not talking big numbers, but then I do little to advertise this blog. 😛 Time to think of things to post about between episodes of Mirai Nikki, to see if I can keep views constant as opposed to peaking once a week… for now though, here’s the usual!

After all the action of the previous episode, this was relatively slow paced and laid back on the surface, but had its fair share of creepy moments and not-so-subtle hints about the identity of another diary owner! It begins, however, with Yuki meeting up with his mother at the station.

They rarely get to see each other due to her work, but he’s not particularly happy about this meeting… and has even less reason to be happy when they arrive at home to find that the window has been smashed!

Yuki immediately checks his diary to find out what’s going on, and sure enough, Yuno has broken into his home, something we the viewers saw her do before the OP sequence. Thinking fast, Yuki claims that he broke the window himself; the tape on the ground would no doubt make it difficult to pass it off as an accident, but Ms. Amano seems pretty easy going, and he has more important things to deal with. After telling his mother to prepare food, he quickly rushes upstairs to confront his stalker.

Thanks to her Stalker Diary, Yuno knew beforehand that Yuki would be getting a visit from his mother, and so came over beforehand to clean up and prepare food, in hopes of impressing her future mother-in-law. But as far as Yuki is concerned, their meeting is something that must never be allowed to happen. When his mother finds food ready and waiting downstairs (laid out for three people, though she doesn’t seem bothered by this), and more on the boil, she heads up to his room… leaving him with no choice but to shove Yuno into his wardrobe!

Inside, Yuno’s diary informs her that now is the perfect time to come out and introduce herself, and she begins to talk and push against the doors. It takes all of Yuki’s strength to keep her in there, and the excuses he keeps throwing at his mother are beginning to fall flat by this point.

Eventually, he loses it and throws his mother out of the room (quite literally). But he can only focus on keeping one door closed, and while he’s busy keeping his mother out of the room, Yuno escapes the wardrobe and heads straight for his collection of ecchi magazines.

So now the two have met, and instantly take a liking to each other. Yuno’s food impresses Yuki’s mum, and the boy can do little but sit there and cry while they discuss her suitability to be his future wife.

Four days before these events, at a doctor’s surgery, Minene is given a glass eye:

The doctor knows full well that she’s a wanted criminal, but no doubt there’s more money to be made treating such people. In the waiting room outside, a group of children are waiting for examination – according to the doctor, they are the children of people who were killed during the Sacred Eye incident, and were there when it happened. A great deal of focus was given to one boy in particular, a boy with a puppet on each hand, whose character design has been given way too much thought for him to be a simple background character…

Back at Yuki’s house, his mother is busy showing Yuno his baby photos (all nude, and filling several albums), while the boy himself checks his diary in another room. Clearly he wasn’t paying much attention though, as it clearly said there was no toilet paper left, and that Yuno would walk in on him with some later on… and he didn’t make any effort to change that future. 😛

Meanwhile, Deus and Murmur discuss another diary owner, and the different forms that diaries can take (we’ve seen a few now, thanks to Tsubaki and Twelfth). The god doesn’t seem to be well though – a small crack appears on one of his fingers, just as Murmur comments that she hopes someone will win the game before his body rots away…

Out of nowhere, Yuki’s mother announces that she’s taken three days off from work in order to take care of the child of a coworker who was killed in the Sacred Eye incident… no points for guessing which boy that is. She also decides that Yuno must stay the night, which she’s more than happy about (even if Yuki isn’t). Before bed, Yuno has a bath – fanservice aplenty, but since its also the first time she’s been alone since meeting Ms. Amano, we get to see her musing on the subject of mothers… thoughts that take us straight back to the bodies in her house.

Later on, Yuki and Yuno share a room, but not a bed. Not that Yuno wastes any time inviting him into hers. When he refuses, saying that he simply isn’t in love with her, Yuno shows him ‘proof’ that it will happen eventually, in the form of a diary entry which gives an exact date, the 28th of July. Yuki says he’ll try to change this future, but this is the one thing Yuno won’t let him change.

Yuki himself is conflicted – Yuno certainly has her charms, but there are many other factors that should cause anyone with sense to run a mile… not that he could escape even if he wanted to. In the early hours of the morning when Yuki is asleep, we’re again reminded of her other side as she lies there, wide awake, thinking about how fortunate it was that Yuki’s mother was a nice person.

The next morning (and after a rather late ad break), Yuki is woken up by the sound of his mum returning, along with the boy from the surgery.

Initially acting cute, introducing himself to Yuki and Yuno by way of his two puppets, he soon proves to be another character who can’t help acting creepy when left alone for one minute.

With time running out in this short second half, they manage to fit in one more warning that Rei isn’t as innocent as he may look. After drawing a picture of Yuno (a better one than I could manage, I’m ashamed to admit), he cuts it out, then runs over to her… still holding the scissors… then trips over accidentally… or was it? Lucky for Yuno, she was able to shield herself using a cushion, but when Rei leaves the room under the pretense of going to the toilet, it becomes clear that he at least is not relieved that she escaped harm…

He’s holding a picture diary, in case anyone still had doubts that this 4-5 year old could be a user.


5 Responses to Mirai Nikki Episode 6

  1. Zammael says:

    Solid build up for the next arc. Some bloggers are whining about this fact but the fact is, although this episode was def rom-com & less intense than the previous episodes, that was rather necessary in order to properly build up anticipation & drama for the new story arc. I believe you need to downshift a few gears when u focus on character. Otherwise u only desensitize the audience with a fixed pace & end up flattening the suspense.  

    Mirai Nikki is at its best when it is being unpredictable, but in order to pull that off well u need to establish the parameters of the story arc first. So the zig zags become all the more meaningful.

    • Fully agree with you there, when I mentioned this episode being slow paced it was by no means a negative thing. We got to learn a little more about Yuki’s family situation, possible hints at Yuno’s past, and short but straight to the point introduction of a new diary owner. Aside from that, I found the rom-com really cute! At least I did, until the moment Yuno revealed her bag of tools and I was reminded what could happen if she fell out with Yuki’s mother. 😛

      • Zammael says:

        Yes I am very grateful they haven’t downscaled Yuno’s ultra Yandere shtick at all even during the slower moments.

        I haven’t read the manga past Episode 6 but those that did are hinting at a major payoff in the next episode so I cannot wait.

        The “picture diary” sounds intriguing and somehow I’m getting a Chucky vibe from the kid. 😀

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