Mirai Nikki Episode 7

100th post! Wow! It doesn’t feel like I’ve posted anywhere near that amount, but I guess I was pretty active in the early months after I started blogging, and it all adds up. I was thinking of doing something different for this milestone, but my week has been busy. Then Mirai Nikki came out, and delaying it for such a reason seemed silly. Fortunately (but not unexpectedly – I love this show!), episode 7 was easily awesome enough to be the subject of my 100th post!

The young diary user Rei was introduced late in the previous episode, and after a failed attempt at hurting Yuno with a pair of scissors, he retreated to the toilet room to plan his next move. Or to be precise, discuss his next move with his two puppets. For the viewer’s convenience, these puppets then describe the basics of Rei’s diary – it is a picture diary, providing childlike drawings of the future as well as short summaries. It comes with a big disadvantage: it is only updated three times a day, morning, noon and evening, so Rei has to make his move during these times. Good thing he’s prepared.

Later on, Yuki, his mother, Yuno and Rei sit down for lunch. Rei proudly proclaims that he helped with the salad – and a flashback shows him injecting the other two diary user’s cherry tomatoes with poison. Yuki senses no danger from the youngster and makes small talk, but Yuno isn’t convinced.

After weighing her tomato on the end of her fork and finding it heavier than it was before (seriously), Yuno confiscates Yuki’s salad and disposes of them both. Sure enough, Yuki’s future changes soon after she does this – no doubt he had a Dead End swiftly approaching until that moment!

After lunch, Yuno has a nice, friendly discussion with Rei in the corridor.

Now stabbing with scissors is something I imagine a kid of Rei’s age could do. Poisoning food? Maybe, if they had the materials to hand. Electrocuting someone in the bath? If they’ve seen it on TV, then even that isn’t TOO MUCH of a stretch. However, Rei proves he is smarter than your average 5 year old by monologuing about the exact strength of current required to do so, and by filling the bath with salt to increase conductivity. That’s at least a secondary school level killing technique!

Rei’s target this time is Yuno, and for once her guard is lowered (Yuki isn’t in danger, so her diary is useless). Meanwhile, Yuki is still trying to figure out what made the future change at lunch time, only to have it change again at that moment. It warns him of Yuno’s future electrocution, but not in enough time for him to get there and warn her. However, he does have time to turn on enough electrical appliances to throw the circuit breaker. Having done so, he runs to the bathroom to check that Yuno is okay… and as he enters, Rei runs away laughing.

Elsewhere, Minene receives an email from Kurusu containing the information that Fifth (Rei) has met up with Yuki and Yuno. Which is suspicious – he’s meant to be working together with them, so surely he should be heading round there to meet Rei himself instead of leaking the info to Minene (who herself has no idea why he’s doing this). But we’re not getting any explanations this time.

Yuki searches the house in an attempt to find Rei’s diary – he isn’t carrying it, so must have hidden it. Yuno suggests they simply kill him, which would be easier if it weren’t for the fact they’d then have to explain themselves to Yuki’s mother. Aside from that, Yuki just doesn’t want to see the boy hurt. But now that his secret is out, Rei openly taunts them both, saying they’ll never find his diary.

Yuki’s diary tells him places where Rei’s diary isn’t, so he decides to look in places not listed in an attempt to change this future. However, he still can’t find it, and constantly has to stop looking to tell Yuno off for threatening to kill the boy again. Eventually, Yuki remembers that his mother took Rei with her to the convenience store, and that he may have hidden the diary there… but during this brief moment while he was lost in thought, Yuno slips away and starts to rampage. She chases Rei around with a hammer, smashing things and creating a lot of noise along the way. But the young boy keeps dodging, and when Yuki’s mum opens the door to see what all the fuss is about… Yuno’s hammer makes contact with her head, knocking her unconscious.

Rather than call an ambulance, which would lead to all sorts of questions, they bandage her and take her to bed. Yuno is very apologetic, and Yuki seems to accept her apology surprisingly quickly. Most likely he’s getting used to dealing with her, as his next step is to assure her that they’ll find Rei’s hidden diary eventually if they work together. Certain that finding it will make Yuki forgive her, Yuno puts her incredible mind to work in a way we’ve not yet seen: meditation. At least that’s what I think it was… it seemed more like she left her body and entered Rei’s thoughts!

Whatever she did, it worked. When she wakes from her trance-like state, the doorbell rings, and a package arrives for Rei. Thinking the diary is inside, Yuki takes the package out of the younger boy’s hands and opens it… releasing a cloud of poisonous gas. Receiving a full blast to the face, Yuki collapses, and Yuno is forced to drag him away from the quickly spreading cloud, while trying not to breathe it in herself.

The diary is indeed inside the parcel, but in order to avoid the booby trap you had to open it at the other end. Yuno takes Yuki to the toilet room, closing the door to provide at least some protection from the gas and their deadly foe. Rei taunts Yuno from the other side of the door, claiming it is already too late for Yuki. She responds by admitting she probably killed Rei’s parents, and offering her own life in exchange for Yuki’s. But Rei isn’t after revenge – he’s doing it for the lulz. All he wants is an enjoyable death match, and having his opponents barricaded in another room is no fun. So he challenges her to a game of hide and seek in the poison-filled house, offering the antidote as a prize if Yuno can find and catch him!

And so the game begins! Covering her face with a handkerchief, Yuno searches the house for the youngster. But the gas isn’t the only thing he has prepared for her – laughing toy decoys, drawing pin caltrops and taped up windows slow her down and attempt to force her to breathe in. While she struggles, Rei has a whale of a time.

We then get to see a brief flashback to Rei’s home, showing his parents quite literally at each other’s throats, while he sits quietly in the room next door drawing a picture. A home situation like that can’t have been pleasant, especially for a kid as seemingly gifted (sorry, ‘elite’) as Rei, hence why the pursuit of fun is more important to him than avenging his boring parents.

In the present, Yuki has recovered a little, and checks his diary to see what’s happening. Unfortunately, the downside to his diary is that it only records the things he observes himself… and he can’t see much locked inside the toilet room. Outside, Yuno has checked all of the ground floor of the house, so she begins to make her way upstairs. At the top she finds Rei, waiting for her on top of an upturned table. But this is another trap. As if convinced that electrocution is the only fitting end for her, Rei has turned on all the taps, causing water to flood and flow down the stairs… and then its only a matter of throwing an electrical appliance at it from his safe position.

Hearing a loud ‘thud’, Yuki forces himself to his feet. Meanwhile, Rei questions Yuno (who is still alive and conscious, barely), asking her why she protects Yuki when they’ll have to fight eventually. She replies that she simply loves her Yukkii. Rei prepares to finish her off with another syringe containing who knows what… but for the fourth time, Yuki’s darts save the day, hitting the kid in the shoulder and knocking him back.

Yuki makes it up the stairs as far as Yuno, kisses her, then collapses from the poison. But that’s all it takes for Yuno to recover, climbing the rest of the way up and finishing the unarmed tyke with a stab of a knife that impales his diary onto him.

Making good on his promises, Rei hands over the antidote before disappearing. He also warns her again that she’s walking down a dangerous path, protecting someone she should be trying to kill, but there’s no convincing Yuno. She tries to make it down the stairs and give Yuki the antidote, but she too passes out. No doubt they would have died, had it not been for Minene arriving and carrying them to safety.

Why she did that, I don’t know… surely she hasn’t had a change of heart after witnessing Twelfth’s heroism!? 😛 That would be an awesome explanation, but I get the feeling it’ll be something to do with Kurusu’s message. Again, we’ll have to wait and see!


5 Responses to Mirai Nikki Episode 7

  1. clinton says:

    I find it funny that a 5 year old was more dangerous then a serial killer.

  2. Such a clever and resourceful little boy 😐

  3. clinton says:

    I found somthing a side chapter that explains some of Rai’s personality.

    http://www.mangafox.com/manga/mirai_nikki_mosaic/v01/c003/1.html It has not spoilers.

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