Mirai Nikki Episode 9

Believe it or not, I’ve been watching less anime than usual over the past fortnight. Steam sales resulted in cheap, addictive games that demand my time, and it’ll only get worse once I get Skyrim for Christmas. Anime-wise, that is – aside from that I can’t wait! I originally planned to reach 6 months of anime by the end of the year (that’s right, half a year of my life spent on anime since I became a fan, or 1 month of every year since 2006) – it is still feasible, but I’ll have to get a move on. Every episode helps though, and here’s another ~23 minutes towards my goal!

Episode 9 starts with a flashback to a week before ep 8, and sees Hinata talking to Tenth, the old man who previously owned her diary (and who is also her father, it is finally confirmed). She figured out he was the serial killer, but he justifies his actions by claiming he killed only ‘diary owners and suspicious people’… well we know he hasn’t killed any of the former, but everyone in this series seems suspicious, so I’d buy that story. 😛 He says that he regrets choosing his dogs over Hinata and her mother, and that he wants to turn back time and start again; something he could do if he became god! Unfortunately, super detective/stalker Akise is already onto him… Shame someone can’t hold onto the diary and take action for him…

Which is where Hinata comes in, of course. Using Yuki as bait, she was able to lure Akise into a trap. But with Yuki’s diary protecting them from the dogs outside, she had no choice but to return from the dead and take him hostage, demanding Akise hand over his diary. However, the young detective proposes they settle things with EPIC GAMBLING instead!

Hinata’s own diary is pretty useless in this situation – yes, she could send in the dogs, but she doesn’t know what Akise’s power is. But she does have Yuki’s diary, which records more or less everything. Before they begin for real, Akise allows Hinata to have a warm up round – she tosses the coin, he guesses which hand it is in, and nobody loses anything regardless of the outcome. Hinata looks at Yuki’s diary, where the future predicts she’ll catch it in her right hand. Behind her, still restrained by Mao, Yuki also reads the entry, and starts to signal with his right eye. The moment he does this, Yuno hears the static noise of the future changing… it seems Hinata noticed Yuki’s signal, and switched hands!

On the other side of the room, Yuno moves over and whispers something to Akise. The detective tells her not to worry, however, since he can see the answer with his own diary. He proceeds to guess correctly, much to Hinata’s horror. She double checks Yuki’s diary, and is surprised to see the writing has changed – clearly Tenth hasn’t explained the game to her in much detail. Both Hinata and Mao reach the conclusion that Akise’s diary must be able to read Yuki’s (and presumably other peoples’), which would be an awesome power. Now, the gambling starts for real!

Hinata, now second guessing the predictions in Yuki’s phone, chooses right hand. The sound of futures changing comes from Yuki’s phone, Yuno’s phone… but not Akise’s. The detective wins, however, and demands Yuki’s phone. But Hinata is a sore loser, and instead compromises by handing over Yuki himself, prolonging the gamble for another round.

That was the plan, at least.

Akise suddenly finds himself pinned to the floor with a knife pressed against his neck by Yuno. She’s seriously starting to doubt he’s a diary owner, and asks for his number. When Yuki interrupts, she takes Akise’s ‘diary’ and reveals it – it is blank, and he is a fake. He admits this, saying he only played along because it looked like fun… yep, another crazy person. His correct predictions were mostly guesses, though Hinata’s doubts helped him reach them.

Yuno tries to kill Akise, but he takes her by surprise and flips her over. Eager to get back to the game, Akise decides that since it is him that Hinata wants, he will offer his own life as a wager in an attempt to win Yuki his diary back. Yuno seems (temporarily) satisfied by this arrangement, and makes no further moves to kill him.

Before the gambling resumes, however, Yuki asks Hinata to promise that if his side wins, they’ll all go home as friends. I dread to think what sort of awkward relationship they’d all have afterwards, but Hinata agrees to let Yuki live at least. Mao raises the point that if any one of them survives, they’ll have failed at silencing them, to which Hinata replies that they’d failed from the start. Meanwhile, Yuno and Akise discuss plans for the final round…

Hinata throws the coin, and makes her mind up to Trust Yuki’s diary this time. Meanwhile, Yuno covers Yuki’s ears and holds his face close to her. Akise guesses right… for both the hand and the outcome. When Hinata reveals the coin, however, Akise curses aloud, claiming that he guessed incorrectly! At the same time, Yuno releases Yuki; he didn’t hear Akise make his guess, so as far as he’s aware, the detective has indeed lost. Then, Yuno knocks Yuki unconscious. All this must have looked pretty crazy to Hinata, but the results of these actions become clear when she looks at Yuki’s diary. Since Yuki believes Akise lost, the future has been rewritten to reflect that in the same way that Yuki’s diary predicted Hinata was dead when she wasn’t – he saw what he thought was her body, and his future changed around that fact. Now that he believes the game is lost, all predictions of the future are based on this assumption, and what will really happen next is a mystery.

What actually DOES happen is that Mao takes out her knife… not a good idea, since she’s going against a professional.

Mao is critically wounded, and for the moment Hinata cares about nothing but her friend’s safety. With Yuki’s diary recovered, the others make their escape.

Once she has staunched the bleeding, however, it is time for revenge. Hinata contacts the dogs using her phone (they’re fitted with headsets, and presumably very well trained), sending them off  in pursuit. Yuki’s group soon hear howling from behind, and his diary predicts all sorts of horrible stuff will happen if they don’t intervene somehow… then, randomly, he has a flashback to something Kurusu told him at an earlier point. It turns out Deus didn’t allow the diary transfer after all, meaning that Tenth really has just lent his diary to Hinata.

Yuki tells the group that he will go back and stop Hinata, and that they should keep running to safety. Akise agrees, and persuades Kousaka that this is their only option. But Yuno always knows what’s best for Yuki, and won’t even let the boy himself tell her otherwise! Instead, she runs along with Yuki, telling him to leave the other two to their inevitable deaths and escape! Yuki decides that having stalkers, traitors and attempted murderers for friends is better than having none at all, and carries on despite her protests.

Outside the observatory, Hinata has multiple flashbacks. First to a past visit to a theme park with her father, then second to earlier in the evening when Yuki made her promise to stay friends. She realizes that she has failed the former and betrayed the latter, and now has nobody to turn to. Moments later, Yuki and Yuno come racing towards her. Unfortunately, the boy trips and falls, allowing Yuno to overtake him, and she has no plans to forgive and forget. Hinata calls back the dogs, but it is too late for that.

Yuno forces Hinata to call off the dogs, but she refuses to hand over her father’s diary. Before Yuno can kill her, Yuki asks why she’s so desperate to stop him from making friends. She replies that she fears he’ll fall in love with Hinata if he gets to know her better.

Yuki then tells Yuno that she is not his friend… not the safest choice of words given the circumstances, but he isn’t finished. He then re-introduces Yuno to the rest of the group, this time as his girlfriend! This is more than enough to satisfy her… for now. But in saving his friends, Yuki has taken a huge risk…

Now that they’re all the best of friends again, all Hinata has left to do is apologize to her father for failing him. But he tells her (via a speaker on one of the dogs) not to worry, and that it was his fault for assuming Akise had a diary. He also admits that he never planned on turning back time if he became god, it was just a lie to get her on his side. Finally, he warns them that he’s not the only bad guy…

He is referring to Kurusu, who stands behind him at the kennels, and who shoots him dead moments later. The episode ends there, so we don’t get to see what Yuki and Yuno made of this warning just yet, but I’m sure there is more to this than the delusions of a crazy old guy who loves dogs. 😛 Kurusu has been acting suspiciously ever since the Sacred Eye incident…

More than anything, however, I look forward to seeing whether this crazy group do stay friends and carry on as though nothing happened!


8 Responses to Mirai Nikki Episode 9

  1. Zammael says:

    Great resolution to the current arc and a solid ground has been set for future ones.

    A minor complaint: they could’ve kept the killer of Tenth a secret (just show the gun and shoot Tenth before he says who it is) and that will heighten the tension or drama, keep us and Yukiteru guessing.

    Perhaps my complaint is not warranted because it immediately sets up the next arc, or something.

    • Yeah, it’s a bit like the photo in the previous episode. The series is great, but it would be even better if it didn’t insist on dropping huge hints/spoilers all the time!

      As you say though, it may turn out to be an important revelation – Kurusu hasn’t done anything in front of them to raise their suspicions as far as I remember, so that might leave Yuki with some doubts that he otherwise wouldn’t have had. Though I expect Yuno has been as wary of him as she is of everyone else since day 1.

      • Zammael says:

        Really? Didn’t Yuno agree to ride with Kurusu in episode 4 and work with him? While her main motivation was the fact that Yukiteru was involved, she did not voice any suspicions about Fourth.

        Yuno’s instincts are certainly preternatural, but Fourth didn’t do anything suspicious in either Diarist’s presence till now.

  2. GoodbyeNavi says:

    I haven’t watched this episode yet so I didn’t read it but I just want to lament on Yuki’s personality. I can’t stand it. LOL.

    • As far as main characters go, I’ve certainly seen worse. I mean, at least he HAS a personality to dislike. 😛 He usually mans up when the situation calls for it… just a shame about the rest of his whining.

      • GoodbyeNavi says:

        Sadly, he doesn’t man up enough for me. He is always shaking and whimpering like a 3 year old. Even the kid had more guts to him. Strangely enough, the character I truly find likable is the one who tried to blow him up and lost her eye to the psychotic cult. I finally watched this episode (I’m wondering how you got it so early!) and you are right everyone in this series is suspicious. Even though we know Yuno is legitimately insane, she is still suspect; I mean she is number 2. Now I may be shooting in the dark here but I wonder if the little girl who is with the God who is running the game was also a diary holder (he was #1 and she was #2).

  3. Silly boy, he’d have a much larger life expectancy if he stopped trying to be friends with people who try to kill him and trusted the one person who wants him to actually live..

    • Yeah… I’d understand if the people he was trying to save were normal friends who’d done nothing bad to him, but if I were Yuki I’d probably let Yuno do away with all of them. 😛

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