Mirai Nikki Episode 10

In case the people reading my blog posts aren’t aware, I often give captions to the images I upload, but they’re only visible when you hold your cursor over the image. I’ve been doing that right from the start with my Campanella posts, and mentioned I’d be doing so in my Kaiji 2 posts, but forgot to place a reminder in any earlier Mirai Nikki posts, and I wouldn’t want my newer readers missing out on them.

While my posts keep mostly to what happens in each episode, these hidden captions are where I stick my thoughts on particular scenes, or quite often my attempts at humour. I don’t mean to hide these, but feel they wouldn’t fit in to the main text or would send it off on a tangent, and image titles have proven a useful way of including them without making posts more cluttered than they already are. 🙂

Episode 10 seemed to take offence at the fact I only rated Mirai Nikki 5th in my top anime of the year post. ‘So I’m going too fast, am I? So you want to see more character development, do you? Watch this, then try calling me episodic again!’

We begin with Minene preparing what I assume to be explosives, for someone she refers to only as ‘him’. I’m thinking Kurusu; we know they’ve been in contact since the Sacred Eye incident. But why she’s gone from trying to kill him to running errands for him is a complete mystery. One which won’t be solved in this episode, as suddenly we find ourselves in a flashback!

We see Minene fleeing Third, who seems to be a bit stronger than his quick departure from the series suggested. This chase around an abandoned university campus comes with commentary from Murmur, who at first merely states the facts during times when none of the characters are speaking… but it isn’t long before this commentary takes a strange turn:

After jumping from a window and landing on rubbish bags, Minene is spotted by a passing police detective, the guy who’s often shown working with Kurusu. Being a wanted terrorist, her reaction is to throw a bag at him and try to escape, but she injured her foot in the earlier fall, and doesn’t get far before he catches up and handcuffs her.

Exactly what the two of them talked about after this is unknown, as Murmur’s commentary blocked out their real discussion, replacing it with dialogue which quite literally came straight out of a shoujo manga.

Amusing as it would have been if the whole episode was dubbed over in this way, the rest of this segment focuses on developing Minene’s true character. She and detective Nishijima are still on the run from Third, using the Escape Diary to find a safe route around the campus. But nobody can escape the call of nature, and so she’s forced to take a toilet break… still handcuffed to the detective. The situation leaves Minene embarrassed and angry, and when the toilet refuses to flush it becomes the target of all this built up rage…

Nishijima isn’t a complete jerk, however, and seeing Minene soaking wet after the above incident, he suggests she change into one of the dresses displayed in the university’s old fashion workshop (NOW he’s willing to take off the handcuffs :razz:). The dress he passes her is the one we saw her wearing at the school bombing, so obviously she took quite a liking to it!

Minene transforms the moment she puts on the dress, sounding and acting cuter, and she begins to win the detective over. While he can’t let her go free, he makes no attempt to re-cuff her, and decides that working together is their best bet of defeating Third. The only weapons they have between them are Nishijima’s gun and a flash grenade, but Minene has a plan. They lead Third towards the university’s sound recording studio, and when he enters, she sets off a booby trap designed to both blind and deafen their pursuer, making use of the flash grenade and the small room.

Minene and Nishijima choose to flee over facing a dazed but no doubt still dangerous Third; however, their partnership doesn’t last much longer than this. Having gotten hold of the gun somehow, Minene shoots the detective. We know he isn’t dead from his later appearances, of course, and he is shown to be wearing a bulletproof vest, but he is left unconscious and unable to prevent the terrorist from making her escape.

Now in the presence of Murmur and Deus, Minene claims her childhood was full of bad stuff and devoid of love, which had been hinted at in earlier episodes. Her cute act earlier was just that, an act to make the detective lower his guard, and she claims she still has no need for love. Again, though, we don’t learn any real details of her past at this stage.

The second half of the episode focused on something completely different.

Yuki waits for his new friend Aru at a bus stop, but is instead met by Yuno. I don’t know why he’s surprised to see her, since her diary would let her know of any plans he’d made, and she didn’t hold back on inviting herself to his house that one time… but surprised he is. And as it turns out, Aru’s invite to Yuki was in fact a set up! He’d also sent a text to Yuno, claiming to invite her to a free wedding ceremony trial event on behalf of Yuki, who was too shy to ask her himself. With Yuno excited, happy and fully convinced the invitation from Yuki was genuine, he has little choice but to go along with it!

During the bus journey to the event, we get to hear Yuki internally monologuing about the things that have changed since he proclaimed Yuno was his girlfriend. Apparently she sends him more messages than before, follows him around at school, and has generally taken her stalking to a higher level. Feeling that his life can’t continue in this way, Yuki decides to tell Yuno the truth – that he only said they were a couple to save his friends, and didn’t truly love her. But in a similar way to the events at the theme park in episode 3, the right moment to tell her never arises, due to his own reluctance to upset her.

At the event, they are greeted by a guide named Kurusu Naomi (Yuki notes the familiar surname), who escorts them as they try out the different activities. These activities include an epic feast most newlyweds could only dream of arranging, dressing up like a real bride and groom, taking photos, and a rehearsal of the wedding ceremony itself.

Seeing Yuno so happy, and still unable to tell her his declaration of love was a lie, Yuki asks himself why he can’t truly love her. I can think of several good reasons, but he decides the main issue is still the corpses stored in her house. But by the end of the day, he has gone from dreading his confession to thinking, ‘why can’t I just pretend I never found that room?’ A pretty major change of opinion. 😛

For Yuno, the ceremony proves to be enough excitement for one day, and she falls asleep on a bench, resting against Yuki. Their guide comments on how nice it must be to be young and in love, and that she was like that with her husband once. When asked, she mentions that her husband is a police detective, confirming Yuki’s assumption that she’s related to the diary owner. Will she have a part to play in later episodes?

It is now dark, and Yuno is still asleep, so Yuki carries her home. He is shocked to find her front door unlocked, and even more surprised when he enters to find Aru already there. It seems the wannabe detective sent them off to get married in order to investigate Yuno’s home… surely it would have made more sense to leave before they returned, hiding all evidence that he’d even been there, but surprisingly Yuno doesn’t seem to mind (I guess breaking into people’s houses is no different to calling in advance for her).

Aru would be a pretty poor detective if he’d had a day to explore Yuno’s house and hadn’t opened the incredibly suspicious sealed door. Yuki knows this, and returns to his usual whiny, scared self. But when Aru opens the door as part of his detective-like exposition, it becomes clear that Yuno has made some… home improvements since Yuki’s last visit.

Using her ridiculous willpower (for want of a better word), Yuno managed to dig a bottomless pit, which is where we assume the bodies are now hidden. All for Yuki’s sake. But when he asks her about it, she seems genuinely puzzled, and later states that this is the first time Yuki has visited her home. I assumed she was covering for Yuki’s ‘where are the corpses?’ outburst, feigning ignorance and making him out to be joking, but Aru’s deduction makes more sense. As the two boys leave Yuno’s house together, he suggests that Yuno may be falsifying her own memories – that her mental state is actually so fragile, she needs to do so in order to function. All this leaves Yuki with more to think about, as he struggles to decide whether he could/should learn to love her…

Elsewhere, detective Kurusu seems to finally be making his move against Yuki and Yuno… by setting them up for the murder of Tenth, the dog fanatic. Exactly what he stands to gain from arresting them now, when he could have implicated them in the Sacred Eye incident or even Rei’s disappearance, is the biggest question this episode poses in my opinion. I can’t wait to find out!


2 Responses to Mirai Nikki Episode 10

  1. Kai says:

    A really good episode, and it’s so nice watching Minene acting all dere dere, even though it’s all an act ;D

    And Yuno is still scary as ever ;p Digging her room into a bottomless pit ;D

    • Yeah, it was a nice change of pace from the last few eps. Seeing more of Minene can only be a good thing. 🙂 And as usual, they found the time to drop in a plot twist right at the end of the ep too, giving us a small taste of what’s to come!

      That hole must have taken A LOT of effort, but I guess she’s willing to go to any efforts to please Yuki.

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