Mirai Nikki Episode 11

With episode 12 of Mirai Nikki airing right in the middle of Christmas, there’s a good chance I won’t get around to watching and/or posting about it at the usual time next week. I’ll try my best,  however, and at the very least it should be written before episode 13 airs. 😛 But first, this week’s episode:

Previously, Kurusu finally made his move to take down Yuki and Yuno, by ordering their arrest in connection with the death of Tenth. But there were several hints he’d been planning this for a long time beforehand – his strange dealings with Minene for example. In the opening scenes of episode 11, we learn a little more about this.

The deal: Kurusu won’t target Minene, and will provide her with police info. In return, he wants… well, we don’t get to find out yet, but Kurusu refers to the fact that neither Yuki or Yuno want to become god, making them unsuitable for his plan. Only Minene will do, because she supposedly wants to make the world a better place if she wins. From this, it’s obvious that Kurusu plans to bring the game to an end, even if it means his own death. Intriguing.

About a week on from this flashback, Yuki is walking home from Yuno’s place, contemplating the discussion he just had with Aru concerning the girl’s sanity. Suddenly, he is surrounded by police officers and brought in for questioning along with Yuno, as Kurusu planned.

In the waiting room of the police station, neither of the two know why they’ve been brought in, but one of them is eager to come up with a way out. Yuno enters her crazy, empty-eyed state, telling Yuki to protect his diary while she searches for a weapon. The boy wants none of this, however, and tries to bring her back to her senses, telling her to calm down and wait while he meets with Kurusu to find out what’s going on.

Inside the interrogation room, Kurusu sits there calmly, cleaning his gun (as you do), bullets on the table. He gets straight to the point – apparently Yuki and Yuno were sighted near the area where Tenth was killed. Yuki denies this, Kurusu accepts his word, and the interrogation ends there.

Before Yuki can leave, however, Kurusu places a bullet in the revolver and challenges him to a game of Russian Roulette… standard procedure, I’m sure. Outside the room, these actions cause Yuno’s future to change… and she can no longer stay calm. Using a fire extinguisher as a weapon, she is able to overpower Nishijima and another policeman, then drops the unwieldy object in favour of their guns.

Meanwhile, Kurusu discusses his diary’s weaknesses with Yuki, all the while alternating the gun between his own head amd Yuki’s, pulling the trigger without lethal effect. His diary only lists information regarding crimes or criminals, hence the lack of data for Yuki and Yuno. He seems irritated at the fact he can’t kill Yuki, as to do so would make him the criminal and lead to his own arrest. Despite having just said that, when he gets down to the final shot and it’s Yuki’s turn to have the gun pointed at him, Kurusu looks as though he’d seriously pull the trigger. Yuki protests, mentioning their early promise of an alliance, but the detective announces his intention to become god, breaking the alliance.

I’m assuming he wouldn’t have pulled the trigger – the updates on Yuno’s diary seemed to suggest they’d laugh it off and Yuki would come out alive if left alone – but Yuno’s mental state is becoming increasingly volatile, and the fact Kurusu’s pointing a loaded gun at Yuki is enough reason to attack him. She barges into the room, shoots the gun out of Kurusu’s hand, shoots the detective’s ear off, then fires a few more into his chest.

Hearing gunshots, a dazed Nishijima enters the room, only to become Yuno’s new target. Yuki is able to bring her to her senses before she can shoot again, however, and Nishijima becomes their hostage while they attempt to escape from the building and other police officers.

Loss of his ear aside, everything is going according to Kurusu’s plans (he is alive, thanks once again to a bulletproof vest). Since neither Yuki nor Yuno are criminals, he couldn’t move against them easily. But by threatening Yuki and making Yuno’s yandere switch flip, she is now guilty of assault and attempted murder, and his diary can finally track her movements. And it isn’t long before Yuki’s info is also added to his diary – when one police detective fires a warning shot, Yuki shoots back in panic, injuring him badly.

The pair of criminals (still taking Nishijima hostage) are chased further up the building, and Yuno is injured on the arm by a gunshot. Both their diaries predict Dead Ends at the hands of Kurusu. They finally reach the roof, and run to the edge, leaving the detective at the doorway. Teary-eyed, Yuki apologizes to Yuno for his sorry existence inability to keep her under control. They kiss, then fall off the edge. Presumably, they’d intended to commit suicide together rather than face Kurusu’s gunshots… but it wasn’t to be, as their fall is cushioned by a parked truck with what appears to be a giant mattress on top. Wait, what? Regardless, they’re alive and now on the run.

The next evening, they are shown to be hiding out in a shed, but without food and facilities things are looking grim. Yuki in particular is hungry, and begins to draw circles on the floor while thinking back to happier times when his father used to fry him donuts. We learn that his father and mother are divorced, but that Yuki doesn’t understand why it happened. Then, by complete coincidence (or just according to the script, whichever you prefer), Yuki smells donuts coming from outside! When he looks out of the window, he is surprised to see Mrs. Kurusu, the detective’s wife who they met at their wedding rehearsal! With nothing better to do, they follow her.

They are led inside a hospital, where it appears Mrs. K is visiting someone. As they continue to follow her, Yuno’s future suddenly changes… and a huge explosion occurs in the hallway, separating them both. Who could possibly be behind this!?

Surprisingly, what should have been a deadly encounter actually turns into quite the comical one. Minene has already blown up an area of the floor separating herself and Yuki from Yuno, but when Yuki accidentally presses a button on her control pad, he sets off another bomb directly behind them! This leaves Yuki and Minene stranded on a small and unstable area of flooring… and their only way to safety is via a ladder on Yuno’s side. Yuki attempts to cross, but Minene stops him, fearing Yuno will drop the ladder off the edge once Yuki is safe. Yuki has similar concerns about Minene crossing first. On the other side, Yuno promises to behave, but neither of them trust her on that. 😛 With no other options open to her, Minene proposes a temporary alliance, offering to tell them why Kurusu betrayed them if they’ll let her pass.

As if their situation wasn’t crazy enough already, news of the explosion at the hospital has reached the police, and several cars are dispatched to the scene. Additionally, Kurusu himself calls Minene (while she’s still in negotiations with Yuki and Yuno), telling her to hold out a little longer. Fearing betrayal again, Yuki moves to cross the ladder, but is stopped by Minene. The boy whines, and to calm him down she assures him she’s on his side. Kurusu hears all of this, and now he suspects her of betrayal. He angrily demands to know what’s going on, Yuki continues to whine, and Yuno joins in, telling Yuki that he can trust her. With all this commotion going on around her, Minene flips, shouting down the phone at Kurusu and disconnecting the call. Seconds later, her future updates – a Dead End at the hands of Kurusu.

Having vented her anger, Minene is now calm and rational. She carries Yuki across the ladder to the other side, allies for the time being. They then make their way towards a room… specifically, room 413. Hang on. That must be deliberate, it’s about the worst number possible if you’re suspicious – 4 is associated with death in Japan (they’re pronounced similarly), with many hospitals skipping rooms or floor numbers with 4 in them… and 13 is considered unlucky in many countries. Anyway, that’s just something small I noticed, and I hope that someone reading this will have learned something new. 🙂

So just who is staying in this unfortunately numbered room? Upon entering, they find Detective Kurusu’s wife (seemingly unaware of the explosions going on outside – must have good soundproofing!). She is here to visit her son, who Minene reveals has recently been given just three months to live. This sudden development was the reason why Kurusu betrayed them – he really was on their side at first, with no other wish but to uphold justice… but now, he wants to become god to save his son. He joined forces with Minene because she was the one other person he knew who wanted to be god, and whose plans weren’t to destroy the universe – his request in exchange for all the police info was presumably that, should he die, she’d save his son upon becoming god herself.

The episode ends with Minene formally proposing an alliance to defeat Kurusu, while she and Yuno scoff the donuts Mrs. K brought as a gift for her son… right in front of her. He won’t be eating them any time soon, as Minene truthfully states, but Yuki is reluctant to cross that line – he’s still a good guy at heart, despite all the things he’s been put through.


12 Responses to Mirai Nikki Episode 11

  1. Zammael says:

    I find it odd that Kurusu would automatically target Yukiteu & Yuno since their interests do not clash with his, that he could keep them as allies until all the other Diarists were eliminated. Ninth was already his enemy at first, so I don’t get this sudden change of heart.

    • You raise a good point… I’d guess he just feels desperate, and would rather make some progress by killing the diary owners right in front of him than do nothing until the others show themselves. Or, he may be worried they’ll also change their minds and try to become god, and his diary would be no match for theirs as long as they remained ‘innocent’.

      • Zammael says:

        That makes sense, and if u check the time, when the game started, and when Kurusu’s son was diagnosed, then it stands to reason that he would attempt to eliminate the weaker players first. He already can track Ninth since she’s a criminal or is engaged in criminal activities.

  2. I learnt something new. 🙂 This was a good ep, Minene getting confused and frustrated was the highlight for me. :3

    • Yeah, I’d never have guessed in episode 2 that Minene would end up as a comic relief character, but she’s been hilarious in the past couple of eps. 😛 Still very dangerous too, of course, I’m glad they haven’t turned her into a complete joke.

  3. GoodbyeNavi says:

    Once again, I didn’t read the post because I am only on episode 10 but what I wanted to know is where are you watching it? I’m watching it on Hulu which is obviously behind wherever you are getting it from.

  4. GoodbyeNavi says:

    Wouldn’t let me reply in the thread but thank you Zammael and AngryJellyfish. I know about Kuro but not about animetake.

    • Yeah, I’m aware there’s some sort of limit to the number of replies at the moment, it’s something I plan to look into, probably just a box that needs unchecking on the dashboard or something. 😛

      [EDIT] That was harder than it should have been… but it should allow up to 10 replies per thread now. 🙂

  5. GoodbyeNavi says:

    Although Yuno is nuts, she is the person that Yuki can pretty much count on. I’ve had my suspicions regarding Kurusu from the beginning and episode 9 confirmed it for me. Yuki has got to start relying on himself and not others if he wants to survive. Stop all that sniveling!

    • He can count on her for survival, but that’s about it. He can forget any plans for a normal life. 😛

      Yuki isn’t really cut out for this survival game though… he doesn’t want to kill anybody, and even if he was fine with doing so mentally, he doesn’t have the skills, contacts or equipment that the likes of Minene and Kurusu have. About all he has are his darts… and Yuno.

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