2011 Anime GARem!

This year has certainly been a better year than last for awesome male characters! Some of those which made my list fit the usual GAR requirements (inspiring, incredibly manly, look as though they could punch through a brick wall. Norio Wakamoto’s voice desirable, but not compulsory); however, I’ve thrown in a number of others who are just as awesome in other ways. Here it is:

From top left to bottom right: Itou Kaiji (Kaiji S2), Okabe Rintarou (Steins;Gate), Shining Saotome (Uta no Prince-sama – Maji Love 1000%), Nick La’juck (Shukufuku no Campanella OVA), Sasahara Koujirou (Nichijou), Godwin Dorure (Dog Days), Toriko (Toriko), Rider/Iskander (Fate/Zero).

Looking at this list, I *think* I’d have less reason to fear for my life than in my earlier Harem post. Kaiji would bring debt, as would Toriko’s food bills, but Koujirou and Saotome surely have enough money to cover that. Godwin is mostly there for the voice, I’ll admit… would love to hear him duet with former idol Shining Saotome, but I also think he’d make a perfect adventuring companion for Nick and/or capable fighter under Iskander. Okarin could keep inventing awesome stuff, I’m a big fan of mad scientist types… his time travelling could also increase Kaiji’s success in gambling. Koujirou can just keep riding that goat of his. Toriko would find me awesome food, though I’d have to keep him away from the pets. Finally, I’d leave Iskander to conquer this country and sort out all its problems. Somehow, I think he’d manage just fine.

7 Responses to 2011 Anime GARem!

  1. GoodbyeNavi says:

    Okabe wasn’t exactly extremely masculine but he was manly enough for me. He definitely deserves a place on this list. I thought he was perfect as a “mad scientist”. I’m so glad to see Rider! He is my favorite character of Fate/Zero and I love it when he has on that tight shirt. Yummy!

  2. Myst says:

    No no, THIS should be the list…

    Rider Rider Rider Rider
    BROSKANDAR Rider Rider Rider.

    And there we have the eight manliest characters this past year. ^.^

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  4. tsurugiarashix says:

    Rider = full of GAR! 😀

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