Mirai Nikki Episode 12

Slightly delayed due to Christmas, followed by internet trouble, but here we go again. I’ve finished most of the shows that were due to finish this season (Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon being the one exception, due to lack of subs), so you can expect my final thoughts on those sometime within the next week as well.

Also, starting in January, I plan to start posting semi-regularly about anime series that I consider to be overlooked or underrated, in an attempt to promote them or just remind/inform people that they exist (even if it is only read by a small audience in a dark corner of the internet, what harm could it do?). 🙂

Continuing from last time, Yuki, Yuno and Minene (a temporary ally) have taken Kurusu Keigo’s wife and son hostage, as they prepare to negotiate with the detective himself. Minene, who probably has plenty of experience in these kinds of situations, gives the orders – Yuki is assigned the task of patrolling the hospital, and is given a grenade to use if their negotiations fail.

Soon afterwards, Kurusu answers the phone, and negotiations with Minene begin. Then end, very quickly. The detective refuses her demands, stating that since his son is going to die anyway, making arrangements for his release is pointless – his only option is to defeat the other diary owners and become god.

Yuki is patrolling the corridors, unaware that negotiations have failed, when he receives a phone call from Yuno. She tells him to get away as quickly as possible, but it’s too late. Armed SAT men rush down both sides of the corridor, catching him and pinning him to the ground. They find the grenade while searching him, and take it. To make matters worse, one of them contacts Kurusu, who decides to head there himself.

While loading his gun in preparation, Kurusu tells Nishijima where the hostages are being held, and orders him to do whatever is necessary to get there. Nishijima doesn’t like the way he’s handling things though, and reminds Kurusu that he needs permission from his superiors to take such actions. Angered, Kurusu cuts him off mid sentence, ordering him to go back to the station.

Back in the hospital, Yuki is still pinned down, and knows Kurusu will soon arrive to kill him. Eventually, the detective does show up… at the same time as Yuno. Both have guns, and run down opposite ends of the corridor towards each other and Yuki in the middle. The SAT guys turn their guns towards Yuno, but she fires first, and even Kurusu hits them in his desperate attempt to defeat Yuno. Before long, only the major characters remain.

Kurusu is the first to reach Yuki, and uses him as a hostage to stop Yuno’s rampage, but she spots the grenade lying on the floor and picks it up, threatening to blow them all up unless Yuki is released.

Meanwhile, Minene sets up a bomb in the hospital room where they’d been keeping Kurusu’s family hostage, before escaping out from a window. However, once outside, she finds herself face to face with a familiar detective.

Forced to negotiate with Yuno, Kurusu unhands Yuki, telling him to step back. But Yuno shows no intention of discarding the grenade. Instead, she states that if they can’t escape together then she’d rather die for Yuki. She then pulls the pin on the grenade, runs towards Kurusu, pushes him back… and then the grenade explodes.

Or would have, except that it was a flash grenade. The bright light is witnessed from outside by Nishijima and Minene (now handcuffed together again), and moments later a real explosion occurs in another part of the hospital, the bomb Minene set up earlier. Then, Minene figures out a way of preventing her Dead End and that of Yuki and Yuno, and leads Nishijima back into the building.

Having survived the flash grenade and more serious explosion, Yuki wakes up to find Yuno unconscious but also alive nearby. But before he can make his way over to her, Kurusu blocks his path. He knocks Yuki around a bit, stating his plans to kill them both before the other detectives get there. Yuki is able to get his hands on a discarded gun, but once again finds himself in a stand-off as Kurusu takes Yuno hostage. Yuki checks his diary, and it confirms that if  he shoots, he’ll end up killing Yuno. He also knows that if he drops the gun, they’ll both be killed.

Now awake, Yuno is still willing to sacrifice herself to save Yuki, telling him to shoot anyway. But in recent episodes, Yuki has been struggling to decide what his feelings for Yuno truly are, and right now her cute side is triumphing over her creepy side in his mind. He tells Yuno that he’ll make her happy, and won’t give up trying to get her out alive with him. The usual future changing static sound is heard moments before Yuki pulls the trigger, and their future is changed – the bullet hits Kurusu in his side. But he isn’t one for giving up easily either.

Armed with a scalpel, Kurusu moves to attack Yuno. Yuki’s moment of bravery is over, and all he can do is whine and cry. Fortunately, Nishijima and Minene arrive at the scene before Kurusu can act. Nishijima accuses him of setting this whole thing up, and they have proof – Minene kept recordings of his phone calls to her, in which he proposed they work together. Minene also points out that he is no longer a detective, but another criminal, and as a result his Investigation Diary will no longer provide him with information. When he checks for himself, he finds a Dead End flag waiting for him.

Realizing he has been defeated, and hearing his family had been rescued from the hospital before the explosion, Kurusu asks Minene to reform their alliance – specifically, the part where she saves his son once she becomes god. In exchange, he breaks his own phone diary in half, ending his life. Kurusu’s final act before he disappears down the plughole is to apologize to Yuki, and to tell him to survive. Which surely goes against his agreement with Minene, where she kills all other diary owners and becomes god, but meh.

The latter part of the episode looks at how the whole mess got cleaned up afterwards. Yuki got away with his involvement in the various assaults and murders, helped by the fact Kurusu left a lot of files behind which sorted out the misunderstandings, as if he’d predicted his own downfall. Minene also escaped police custody, to provide comic relief another day.

Yuki plans a trip to view the stars with Yuno, as he’d promised they would if they both got out alive, so they make their way to the train station. Once there, Yuki receives an email… but Yuno steals his phone and runs away playfully. This action is not as harmless as it appears, however – the email was from his friend Aru, warning him to stay away from Yuno as the police are still looking for her. By the time Yuki gets his phone back, the message has been deleted. This isn’t the only cause for concern either, as becomes apparent when Yuki notes she’s brought a lot of luggage with her…


6 Responses to Mirai Nikki Episode 12

  1. Clinton says:

    The villain of the next arc two episode arc is the best one yet.

    • Interesting, I’ll look forward to that. 🙂

      Out of interest, how do you know it’ll be a 2 ep arc? Or are you just assuming that from the length of the arc in the manga, or the fact most of the other diary owner’s arcs have been 2 eps long?

  2. GoodbyeNavi says:

    I was waiting for this post! I was so proud of Yuki in this episode. I still think he’s nuts for loving Yuno but it kind of makes sense due to the situation he’s in. It is obvious that Yuno is mentally unstable and I believe there is much more to her obsessive love of Yuki that meets the eye. But she is definitely a great yandere. Very interested in Aru having more of a role in this show because I like his character. Her other tools are probably her murderous tools that she likes to carry around.

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