GradStart Training Course

I’ll be away on a training course at Bangor University from later this afternoon until Thursday. It’ll be covering things that will supposedly increase my chances of finding employment – stuff like interview skills, CV pimping and finding my ‘unique selling point’ (apparently my awesome hair doesn’t count). This is the second time I’ve attended a graduate course there; the first was in 2010, a couple of weeks before I decided to start this blog actually. I found it informative, but decided to do an MSc instead of continuing to look for work, so most of what I learned last time has been replaced with info about wind farms. Hopefully this’ll refresh my memory, teach me new things, and finally lead to a job. If nothing else, it comes with 4* accommodation and free meals, which will be heavenly after two weeks without central heating!

However, I don’t know what the internet situation will be like there. Chances are I won’t have access, and if I do it’ll be on a restricted uni network. So it’s unlikely I’ll even watch Mirai Nikki until next Thursday/Friday, let alone post about it or anything else. Bad timing really, since I liked the previous episode, and am also keen to see if/how the second episodes of the new shows I’ve picked up build on their strong starting eps.

I can’t live for almost half a week without anime though, even with central heating. So I’ll be taking my laptop and portable hard drive, the plan being to marathon a load of older series in the evenings after the course has finished (assuming there’s nothing better going on). My laptop is an old guy, long passed retirement age, and struggles with newfangled things such as MKVs and 720p, so I’m pretty much limited to shows that aired before the introduction of HD. Which is about half my ‘want to watch’ list anyway, so I’m still spoiled for choice. 😛

TL;DR: If I don’t post or approve comments for the best part of a week, it’s because I have no internet, not because I’ve died of hypothermia.


2 Responses to GradStart Training Course

  1. GoodbyeNavi says:

    Enjoy your training course, heat, and free hot meals!

    • Thank you! I am enjoying it, and it turns out this place does have wireless internet access, but it isn’t that stable and a lot of sites are restricted as I expected. Still, it’s much better than having no internet at all!

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