Mirai Nikki Episode 14

The advantage of watching Mirai Nikki late was the higher quality release – I watched the GotWoot version instead of GotSpeed. I’m impatient, and fully appreciate speed subs, but the video quality and typesetting were impressive, even if they’re not worth waiting several extra days for. Much like staying in 4* accommodation really, a nice treat every now and then, but I could live without such luxuries.

Speaking of luxury hotels… the one where Yuki and friends are being held captive really isn’t. In the basement, Kousaka, Mao and Aru are locked in a small room which is quickly filling with gas. In another room full of CCTV monitors, Yuno leaves her throne of skulls to try and feed a barely conscious Yuki, while Hinata (still tied up and lying on the floor) attempts to talk some sense into her.

Aru’s group may be cut off from the outside world physically, but they still have phone signal – which Aru realizes could be their best chance of escape. He calls out to Yuno, who can hear him via speakers in the basement room. She moves over to the control panel, presumably to silence the speakers, but something Aru says causes her to stop in her tracks. He asks whether she has two skulls with her.

Aru explains that he went to her house to re-check the bottomless pit she dug there, eventually finding three skeletons… and two were missing their heads. Yuno angrily accuses him of disturbing her mother and father – confirming something I’d guessed quite a while ago, that the skeletons were her parents’. But… who is the third one? This is something that Aru doesn’t know, that I can only make wild guesses at, and that Yuno certainly isn’t sharing. Anyhow, now that Aru has her attention, he turns to the more urgent matter of negotiating their release.

His plan is simple: He has a message with a ton of incriminating information about Yuno prepared, and threatens to send it to Detective Nishijima if she doesn’t release them. Yuno’s response isn’t what they’d hoped for, however. At first she is silent… then the creepy laugh begins. When Aru asks whether she understood their demands, she acts as though she has no idea what they’re going on about. Once again, she has altered her memory… and she turns off the speakers to silence their confusing voices.

With gas now entering the room even faster than before, and all hopes of peaceful negotiation out of the window, Kousaka decides to use what could be his last moments of life to update his blog (apologies to my readers, but if I was in a similar situation, Facebook would probably be my first thought 😛 ). Moments after he posts his ‘dying message’, he receives an email… from someone referring to themselves as 8th.

Kousaka’s diary is part of a larger site, where members are awarded different ranks depending on how many posts they’ve made. His ‘dying message’ has given him enough posts to rise from the rank of ‘Commoner’ to ‘Future Diary Apprentice’… and as the title would suggest, his diary now seems to have future predicting abilities! In it is written their escape route – there is a ventilation shaft in the room, too high for any of them to reach alone, but by standing on Aru’s shoulders, Kousaka is able to get inside. The other two wait in the room, but it is predicted that Kousaka will find Yuki and free them before it fills with gas.

Although Yuno has… forgotten about the group in the basement, the sound of both her and Yuki’s futures changing alerts her to the fact something is wrong – only other diary owners can change the future, after all. Kousaka doesn’t exactly have stealth in mind either, entering her control room with a loud, proud ‘Kousaka KICK’!

This magnificent entrance seems to snap Yuki out of his unconsciousness, but though his mind is awake, his body won’t cooperate – he can’t even speak. We get to see a flashback to the day when he was supposed to take Yuno on a romantic date to see the stars, before she drugged his drink. After that, there was no chance of escape with Yuno watching his every move… until now.

Kousaka challenges Yuno, showing her his diary which clearly states he’ll free the others. Yuno hands Yuki his diary for safe keeping, holds onto her own, and takes out two keys – one for Yuki’s restraints, and one which will remotely unlock the basement room. She throws the former into a corner, and the latter towards Kousaka. That way, while he’s freeing everyone, she’ll have enough time to retrieve her ‘mother’ and ‘father’, and presumably make her escape. Kousaka is satisfied, but Yuki feels it’s unlike Yuno to give up so easily…

Yuki notices Yuno’s bag in the corner behind the skulls, but can’t utter a word to warn Kousaka of this trap. The basement room is unlocked safely… but when Kousaka turns around to retrieve the other key, he finds a loaded crossbow pointing right at him.

Kousaka is confused – his diary didn’t mention getting shot in the leg with a crossbow, it claimed he would free Yuki! Yuno answers by pointing out the huge flaw in his diary’s ability: it only lists his triumphs (or ‘brilliant moments’). She orders him to free Yuki, to ensure his future does play out as expected, but threatens she’ll kill him afterwards. But before Kousaka can move, the future diaries make that static sound again.

Yuno turns around, trying to find out what caused their futures to change, and finds the chair where Yuki was restrained is now empty. He then comes up behind her, takes away her crossbow… and slaps her. She is understandably confused, but he explains (yeah, NOW he can talk) that her diary also has a big weakness – it can only predict Yuki’s actions. It turns out Hinata (still tied up on the floor of the room) was able to kick the key to Yuki’s restraints towards him, and he freed himself.

Yuki unties Hinata, and finally everyone is free… which is good timing, because at that moment Yuki’s diary warns him that THREE diary owners are now heading to their location. They decide to get out of there as fast as they can (which isn’t fast, due to Kousaka’s injury), but before they leave, Yuno calls out to Yuki. However, he rejects her poor attempts to patch things up, leaving her behind in the hotel, alone.

Meanwhile, in a completely different location:

We’re introduced to another diary owner, the manageress(?) of a Juvenile Care Facility, and reintroduced to one of the shrine maidens from the Sacred Eye (named Orin) who now seems to be working for her. It is safe to assume this new owner is Eighth, the one who gave Kousaka’s diary powers, because Orin reports to her that there are two other users with Kousaka, and that three apprentice users have been sent over to investigate (the ones Yuki’s phone warned him about).

The only other thing worth saying about this new diary owner at this stage is… what the heck is going on with her character design?

Yuki and friends (a group now firmly excluding Yuno) are safely picked up by Nishijima, and are presumably being driven home. But en-route, they pass a red convertible which flashes its lights at them. A car with three people in it. Hmmm…

Yuno gets the last word this week, though – we see her ‘checking out’ from the hotel, still convinced that Yuki needs her as much as she needs him…

So suddenly a load of apprentice diary owners are released into the game! And judging by Kousaka’s, they could be just as good as regular future diaries (as long as the owners write about more than their ‘brilliant moments’, that is). It’ll be interesting to see if the same drawbacks apply to apprentices, and to find out the exact nature of Eighth’s own powers. And the wait may not be that long… ep 15 aired a few hours ago. 😛


4 Responses to Mirai Nikki Episode 14

  1. GoodbyeNavi says:

    I enjoyed this episode. So proud of Yuki but looking to see how long this newfound independence will last.

  2. clinton says:

    Ai the girl with shades in the car was at the cult as well I noticed.

    Note: I have not read any father in the manga so no more semi spoilers from me.

    • Ah, I didn’t remember her. Guess there’s got to be a link between Eighth(?) and Tsubaki, then… that, or she just showed up to offer them a new purpose in life after the fall of the cult. She seemed quite motherly, after all. 😛

      *goes to get ep 15*

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