Mirai Nikki Episode 15

The OP theme for this series has now changed… switching themes is hardly unusual, but I’d hoped from the fact they didn’t change it at the beginning of the new season (~ep 13-14) that the old one would be there to stay. The new song isn’t bad, but it’s not as good as the first in my opinion. Throwing in spoilers for what the un-revealed diary owners look like, and re-using the crazy Yuno animation from the first OP sequence instead of coming up with something new didn’t help, either. But meh, I’ll survive.

Episode 15 begins with Yuki receiving an email from Deus… the other owners have been asking about Eighth’s future diary granting powers, wanting to know whether the usual rules apply to apprentice’s diaries, and whether the creation of apprentices is allowed to begin with. As a result, Deus invites them to the ‘Causality Cathedral’ to explain things… this meeting isn’t featured in this episode, though.

Yuki calls his friends together for their own meeting. He asks to see Kousaka’s ‘Super Diary’… and smashes it right in front of him. Ever dramatic, Kousaka falls to the floor screaming, clutching his chest and rolling around, but it soon becomes apparent he’s not dying as a true diary owner would. Aru had figured out beforehand that Eighth’s diary must be the blog’s server, and that apprentices’ phones only have power when connected to it. Kousaka complains about the loss of his future predicting abilities, but since he was unintentionally leaking info to Eighth through it, the group is probably better off without it.

Soon after, Yuki’s future changes – it now predicts that a diary owner/apprentice will invade his home in three days. He worries about how he’ll deal with this threat now that he no longer has Yuno… but to his surprise, his friends are ready and willing to help him out again, no matter how great the danger may be. All he has to do is ask. 🙂 Finding him a place to hide is their main priority, and they decide to use Kousaka’s large house (whether Kousaka agrees or not).

In the meantime, Yuki stays home as usual, though with Nishijima and the police keeping watch as a precaution. At Kousaka’s house, Aru prepares a plan to defeat the apprentice users. Speaking to Yuki over the phone, he warns his friend to be wary of Yuno – her diary tells her everything he plans to do, but they have no way of watching her back. Which is the last thing that the nervous Yuki needs to be reminded of late at nigh. 😛

Suddenly, Yuki hears someone in the house… but it turns out to be his mother, back for the first time since the incident with Rei. Sitting down for their evening meal, Yuki asks why she hasn’t inquired about his being chased by the police, but she replies that she won’t ask about anything unless he wants to discuss it. Best. Mother. Ever. Then, Yuki notices that there’s an awful lot of food there for just two people…

Yuno prepared the food, then left before they sat down to eat. No harm done this time… but the fact she got right in and out again past the police guards is enough to reduce Yuki to a shivering wreck.

Three days later, Nishijima drives the group to Kousaka’s house to prepare for the predicted attack. It’s quite an impressive place.

As luck would have it, there’s a mobile phone signal tower right next door to Kousaka’s place. The plan is to lure the apprentices to the house, then deactivate the tower remotely, cutting off their connection to the server and leaving them without their diaries.

That evening, the attack begins as predicted. The police guards contact Aru via walkie-talkie, informing them that three people are approaching the house. Aru uses binoculars to try and spot them… but before they come into view, the electricity is suddenly cut off. Their remote control switch to turn off the phone tower is rendered useless. Even more worrying is the fact that there’s no way the apprentice users could know about their plan – the only ones who’d know are Yuki’s allies… and his stalker.

Unsurprisingly, Yuki isn’t happy to see Yuno. He’s even less happy when Aru invites her up onto the balcony with them… but this is a necessary precaution. They must now deactivate the phone tower manually, and Aru would rather have Yuno kept under supervision while he and Kousaka head over there.

Shortly after Yuno has joined them, the house is invaded by two of the three apprentice diary users, who refer to each other as ‘Ai’ and ‘Mar’. Nishijima (who was guarding the door) isn’t going to just let them walk past him, and moves to punch Mar… but instead meets with the young man’s ‘Cross Counter’, a punch which sends him flying. Full of confidence, Mar shows off his diary to Yuki’s group – it predicts his opponent’s moves, allowing him to counter any attack.

While this is going on, the third diary apprentice is hiding in a tree nearby, watching the scene through a pair of binoculars and reporting back to the director of ‘Mother’s Village’…

Rather than face the invaders, Yuki decides to run and hide. The house is large and has many potential hiding places, but Ai’s diary ability is able to track them down – it’s a ‘Flirting Diary’, containing info about the people she’ll flirt with in the future. One of the entries in the diary is Yuki. The text by his name wasn’t translated, but she seems to have given him a 5 out of 5 star rating… I think I’d rather not know what her criteria are. 😛

Mar and Ai quickly catch up with Yuki’s group. Mao and Hinata turn to face them in an attempt to buy some time, but fall fast when Ai throws knives at them! Now the only person left beside Yuki is Yuno, who urges him up a ladder and through a trap door, closing it once she herself is through, and leaving the other two girls to whatever fate the apprentices have in store for them. Then, she tries to convince Yuki to remove the rope tying her hands together… but he refuses, fearing she’ll lock him up again later.

Before long, Mar forces his way through the trap door. Things are looking bad for Yuki… until he receives a message from Aru on his walkie talkie, informing him that the phone tower is no longer operational. Ai and Mar’s apprentice diaries stop working instantly, and Yuki’s real future diary predicts that they’ll soon retreat.

However, rather than retreating, the two start to act strangely – completely in sync with each other. They both discard their now useless phones… then reveal another phone each. It seems they knew about the plan to deactivate the apprentice diaries right from the start, but went along with it to fool them. While explaining all of this, Mar takes out a comb and transforms his hair into a more familiar style…

That was cleverly done, didn’t see it coming at all. But then who is Ai?

Faced with two real diary owners (or two people who are one owner, but with two diaries… I don’t know anymore), Yuki begins to panic again. All the while, Yuno pleads with him to cut her restraints… which he eventually does. No manly Yuki moment in this episode!

After making out with Ai in front of them, Mar asks a bewildered Yuki whether he believes in the power of love. He then explains the ability of his real diary (they should stop doing that) – not unlike Yuno’s diary, it keeps him constantly updated on everything that happens to his love, Ai. Ai’s diary similarly predicts Mar’s future. Exactly how this fits into the rules of Deus’ game, we don’t yet know, so for now we can only take their word for it that the power of their love is so great, they count as one user.

The two Sevenths challenge them to a fight between couples – whichever couple has the most love will win, apparently. Despite Yuki’s uncertainty about Yuno, it seems she has enough love for the both of them, and repels Ai’s knife attacks with little effort.

Having used up most of her knives on Hinata and Mao, Ai soon runs out, and both Sevenths realize Yuno shouldn’t be underestimated. This time, they really do retreat down the trap door and out of the building… taking Mao and Hinata with them.

Outside, they treat the girls’ wounds, showing perhaps that they’re not all bad. The other apprentice diary user who came with them (referred to only as Ta-kun) set up a trap inside the building, and the house suddenly bursts into flames with Yuki and Yuno still inside! Mar and Ai don’t just stand and watch, though… knives recovered, they head back in to finish the fight!

Inside, Yuki is questioning his decision to free Yuno. She tells him to feel free to use her, as long as he pretends to be her lover again. Yuki agrees. what’s the worst that could happen? Oh, wait…

The Sevenths appear in front of them. Yuno and Ai face each other, both wielding knives. Suddenly, Ai trips… Yuno is ready to take advantage of this, but Mar jumps in the way of her knife, taking the injury himself.

Mar is able to disarm Yuno, and Ai throws a knife at her… just as the sprinklers come into action, putting out the fire. When the smoke clears, it becomes apparent that Yuno was hit by the knife and badly wounded. Mar isn’t impressed with Yuki for failing to protect her. He’s even less impressed by Yuki’s excuse that she told him to use her.

Disgusted, Mar takes his phone and throws him off the landing onto the floor below. Yuno can only watch in horror.

The next day, both Yuki and Yuno end up in hospital along with Hinata and Mao. Both lost their diaries, and Yuno has yet to regain consciousness. A nurse shows up to do a ‘brain checkup’… but starts asking Yuki some very specific, diary-related questions… yep, it’s the queen of cosplay again, Minene-sama!

The episode ended there – no Murmur-sensei this week, but unsurprisingly there was a new ED to go with the OP. Scenes of Yuno as a child accompanied a good-but-not-as-good-as-the-old-OP song by Yousei Teikoku. If there were any spoilers there they weren’t obvious, though I wasn’t exactly looking for them. 😛

So we now know who Seventh is… are, and can only assume they’re working with Eighth (or are they working FOR Eighth?). Going by early impressions, these people don’t seem as professional as most of the other enemy owners have been so far, but I assume they’ll make up for that in numbers! I look forward to finding out what they plan to do with Yuki and Yuno or with their diaries, since they could easily have destroyed them by now if all they want is to become god… the plot thickens.


5 Responses to Mirai Nikki Episode 15

  1. GoodbyeNavi says:

    SHOCKER!!! Yukki needed Yuno again! Yuno’s delusional but she knows Yukki doesn’t fully love her the way she wants him to. She did mess up when she tried to lock him away. But the gutsiness Yukki showed in the last episode was gone…another shocker. I’m still wondering if Aru has an ulterior motive. Why is he so keen on helping Yukki? The OP and ED are definitely not as enjoyable as the first ones but that’s ok. You have to change it up sometime.

    • It seems that Yuki’s only ever confident when he knows he can win – the moment there’s a chance he’ll lose, fear grips him and he becomes useless again. Yuno is dangerous, but convenient as long as she’s fighting to protect him.

      Aru’s probably up to something, but I haven’t a clue what that might be. Either way, somehow I can’t imagine his true motives will be revealed for a while yet.

      I disagree that the OP and ED have to be changed… some of my favorite series kept their same awesome themes over ~26 episodes, excluding a few special eps (Last Exile, Planetes, Black Lagoon + Second Barrage etc). Variation can be good, but at the same time why fix something that isn’t broken?

  2. Zammael says:

    The more interesting thing is whether Eight knew they were actually a true Future Diarist before she gave them apprentice diaries.

    I think they are using First & Second as bait to smoke out the remaining Diarists– hence the possession of their Diaries. Perhaps under Eight’s orders. We will see!

    • An interesting point… I’d ruled it out, but the more I think about it, the more it could be possible.

      I figured that since Kousaka’s apprentice diary started feeding back all sorts of info to Eighth, Mar and Ai would have to be careful not to reveal themselves with theirs… I imagine her Flirting Diary would be the main flaw in this theory, but then I don’t know exactly what sort of info she has written in it.

      It also depends on how much of the plan to take Yuki and Yuno’s diaries Eighth knew about – I guess it’s possible that only Seventh predicted the phone tower would go down, and they could chose not to fully report to her what happened inside the building afterwards. I doubt the other apprentice Ta-kun could see much from outside… either way, we should find out soon enough!

      • Zammael says:

        I am horribly tempted to read ahead in the manga, I think chapter 30….

        We need to rationalize why Eight would recruit a rival Diarist unless they were pretending to be ignorant of the game.

        If she knew, then there must be a link between them that establishes trust prior to the start of the Future Diary game. That might be the case, but I suspect their alliance is dependent on her ignorance, and the fact that they haven’t destroyed the Diaries of First & Second tells me that Seventh wants to value the alliance with Eight for reasons I mentioned.

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